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Enduraplas Water Tanks

Vertical Storage Tanks

cone bottom tankThese are not your average vertical storage tanks.  Enduraplas water tanks are the longest lasting tanks on the market, and they cost less.  See for yourself!

Use Enduraplas tanks for storing a wide variety of liquids.  And they’re virtually indestructible (see below for videos showing how strong they are!).  Enduraplas uses only quality components and are designed for your ease of use.  These vertical storage tanks won’t leak, crack, or contaminate. In fact, we’re so confident in them, they have something unheard of in the industry
– a 10 year warranty.

Available in sizes from 100 to 10,000 gallons, Enduraplas vertical storage tanks are the ultimate choice for storing water, process water, chemicals, and other liquids with unmatched safety, durability and strength. We engineered our vertical polyethylene storage tanks to withstand harsh conditions and heavy use, with a reinforced roof structure that’s the strongest in the industry and can handle snow loads and high winds, ribbed walls that prevent bulging and cracking, and four integrated lifting and tie-down points that make transportation and installation a breeze.

If you’re looking for a tank that doesn’t crack easily, leak or break…
If you don’t want to have to buy a replacement tank again for at least a decade, call us!

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Poly Vertical Storage Tank - Benefits

  • Range in size from 100 to 10,000 gallons
  • 10 year warranty
  • FDA, ASTM D1998, NSF/ASNI 61-2015, NSF/ASNI 372-2011 compliant
  • Designed for indoor & outdoor use
  • Made in the USA
  • Cost effective to install

Poly Vertical Storage Tank - Features

  • Seamless, water-tight and leak-proof
  • Made from extra heavy-duty plastic
  • Extra thick walls
  • Sturdy lifting lugs & tie-down points
  • Reinforced roof design for extreme weather
  • Ribbed wall structure reduces bulging

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Enduraplas Water Tanks – Specs

Vertical storage tanks of varying sizes standing upright nin a line next to each otherEnduraplas Vertical Storage Tanks are available in a range of sizes from 100 to 10,000 gallon poly tanks, with a variety of customization and accessory options. 

All Enduraplas vertical poly tanks come with:

  • 10 year warranty
  • 16” lid
  • 2 or 3” threaded fitting
  • Siphon tube
  • Specific gravity of 1.9
  • Choice of Black, Green or White

Enduraplas Cone Bottom Tank – With Stand

Gallons Height Diameter Documents
100 gallon poly tank 43" 30" THV00100 - ND
THV00100 - TX
150 gallon poly tank 61" 30" THV00150 - ND
THV00150 - TX
200 gallon poly tank 79" 30" THV00200 - ND
THV00200 - TX
210 gallon poly tank 48" 40" THV00210 - ND
340 gallon poly tank 74" 40" THV00340 - ND
THV00340 - TX
450 gallon poly tank 94" 40 THV00450 - ND
THV00450 - TX
550 gallon poly tank 52" 60" THV00550 - ND
THV00550 - TX
600 gallon poly tank 120" 40" THV00600 - ND
THV00600 - TX
870 gallon poly tank 78" 60" THV00870 - ND
THV00870 - TX
1,100 gallon poly tank 96" 60" THV01100 - ND
THV01100 - TX
1,125 gallon poly tank 56" 85" THV01125 - TX
1,200 gallon poly tank 63 90" THV01200 - TX
1,350 gallon poly tank 73" 85" THV01350 - ND
THV01350 - TX
1,400 gallon poly tank 79" 80" THV01400 - ND
1,550 gallon poly tank 82" 85" THV01550 - ND
THV01550 - TX
1,650 gallon poly tank 76" 90" THV01650 - TX
1,750 gallon poly tank 92" 85" THV01750 - ND
THV01750 - TX
2,000 gallon poly tank 93" 90" THV02000 - ND
THV02000 - TX
2,020 gallon poly tank 74" 109" THV02020 - ND
2,100 gallon poly tank 100" 85" THV02100 - ND
THV02100 - TX
2,500 gallon poly tank 111" 90" THV02500 - TX
2,520 gallon poly tank 86" 109" THV02520 - ND
2,600 gallon poly tank 92" 100" THV02600 - TX
3,000 gallon poly tank 126" 90" THV03000 - ND
THV03000 - TX
3,100 gallon poly tank 103" 100" THV03100 - TX
3,200 gallon poly tank 105 109 THV03200 - ND
4,000 gallon poly tank 124" 109" THV04000 - ND
5,000 gallon poly tank 154" 109" THV05000 - ND
5,050 gallon poly tank 120" 120" THV05050 - TX
5,200 gallon poly tank 164" 100" THV05200 - TX
6,000 gallon poly tank 178" 109" THV06000 - ND
6,011 gallon poly tank 110" 142" THV06011 - ND
THV06011 - TX
6,250 gallon poly tank 147" 120" THV06250 - ND
7,011 gallon poly tank 124" 109" THV07011 - ND
THV07011 - TX
8,000 gallon poly tank 143" 142" THV08000 - ND
THV08000 - TX
10,000 gallon poly tank 180" 142" THV10000 - ND
THV10000 - TX

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Enduraplas Vertical Tank – Helpful Information

Vertical storage tanks of varying sizes standing upright nin a line next to each other

Interested in Rainwater Harvesting?

Learn all about Enduraplas rainwater harvesting tanks here Helpful information too!

Vertical storage tanks of varying sizes standing upright nin a line next to each other

Learn Why You Need an Enduraplas Tank!

See for yourself why Enduraplas water tanks are in demand!  Known to be premier tanks that outlast the other tanks on the market, top quality at an affordable price and with a 10 Year warranty.   

Enduraplas Advantage

Enduraplas Water Tanks

Tank VS 400lb Man

Tank VS Chevy Blazer

Enduraplas Quality Commitment

Poly Vertical Storage Tanks – Quality

Why settle for ordinary plastic tanks when you can have the best? Enduraplas vertical storage tanks are made with a special process that makes them 30% stronger than the competition. They also have vibrant colors that last longer and block all light to prevent algae growth.

Made from high-quality FDA-approved resin, these poly tanks are designed with a high standard of engineering excellence, and they can handle impact and a wide range of chemicals. These vertical polyethylene storage tanks have higher quality parts and components, and they last longer in real world applications. This means less downtime, less money spent on repairs, more productivity, and a longer time between replacing the tank.

Made from a single piece of roto-molded polyethylene material infused using a proprietary process and materials, Enduraplas water tanks are seamless, leak-proof, and practically indestructible. They are also UV-stabilized and corrosion-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor applications.  

They are ideal for storing water, fertilizers, food grade oils,  agricultural chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals, diesel exhaust fluid, and other liquids.

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Poly Vertical Storage Tank – Applications

Three Poly tanks in series on a gravel padPolyethylene storage tanks are ideal for storing a wide variety of liquids and chemicals. Enduraplas vertical poly tanks are FDA approved to hold potable water, chemicals, fertilizers, slurry, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), biodiesel, and more.

Some common uses of vertical storage tanks are:

  • Bulk storage of water
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Liquid fertilizer
  • Waste vegetable oil
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Liquid feed
  • Industrial chemicals
  • Diesel exhaust fluid

See the Chemical Compatibility Chart for which chemicals can be stored in these vertical poly tanks. If you have questions, please call us! We’re here to help you!

Vertical Storage Tanks - Accessories

Enduraplas water tanks are versatile and durable containers that can be used for a wide variety of applications. To enhance their functionality and performance, you may need some accessories to go along with them. Whether you need fittings, valves, lids, or pumps, we have the right accessories for your vertical storage tank needs.

Threaded Site Gauge Bolted Sight Gauge
cone bottom tank cone bottom tank

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If you want a tank that doesn’t crack easily, leak or break…
If you don’t want to have to buy a replacement tank again for at least a decade,
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