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Enduraplas Sump Tank

Sump Bottom Transport Tanks

horizontal tanks installed on trailer
Pay less and get far more with Enduraplas’ super strength sump tanks.These are not your average poly sump tanks. We truly do offer the best quality polyethylene storage tanks on the market. You will pay far less for our sump bottom transport tanks than you will for most competitor substandard versions. Don’t you owe it to yourself to find out the truth?

You’ll find that Enduraplas’ sump bottom transport tanks are virtually indestructible and made for heavy use. The extra-thick heavy-duty polyethylene tank walls are manufactured using a proprietary roto-mold process infused with special ingredients that add 30% more strength than the competitors. These poly transport tanks won’t leak, crack, or contaminate. In fact, we’re so confident in them, we offer something unheard of in the industry – a 10 year warranty.

Available in an assortment of sizes from 100 gallons to 3,200 gallon tanks (see specs below).

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Enduraplas’ sump tanks are incredibly strong and damage resistant.  See the video below

Trailer with sump bottom tank installed on topEnduraplas engineered these tanks not only to be the longest lasting on the market, but also with features to make your job easier and safer.  They include: lifting lugs, pin mount system for securely mounting the tank, a spill proof lockable anti-splash lid, built in baffles, an auto-drain sump base, and tie-down points that make for safe transportation and installation a breeze.

Enduraplas’ poly transport tanks are also UV-stabilized and corrosion-resistant, making them outstanding performers for indoor or outdoor applications.  The standard colors of green or black prevent algae growth, but the tanks are also available in white or yellow on request. 

Made using a rotomold process, these sump tanks are the ultimate choice for storing water, food grade oils, process water, chemicals, and other liquids with unmatched safety, durability and strength.

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Enduraplas Sump Tank Benfits Enduraplas Sump Tank Features
• Sump Tanks are Fully Draining, no liquid is left behind. • Extra heavy-duty & thick walls
• Range in size from 100 to 32,000 gallons • 4 x positive tie-down points, built in for extra secure transportation
• 10 year warranty • Lifting-Lugs make lifting the tank easier and safer
• Seamless, water-tight and leak-proof • Lockable anti-splash stainless lid option
• FDA, ASTM D1998, NSF/ASNI 61-2015, NSF/ASNI 372-2011 compliant • Pin-mount system locks tank in place
• Made in the USA
• Fully (100%) drains
Yes! I want a Sump Tank with a 10 Year Warranty!

Sump Tank – Specs

Sump bottom poly transport tanks are available in a range of sizes from 100 gallons to 3,20 gallons.   If you’re interested in poly tanks that don’t crack or leak, have a 10 year warranty, and cost less than the cheaper & inferior quality tanks, call us!

Gallons Height Width Depth Drawings
100 gallons 25” 47” 42” ST100-ND
150 gallons 32” 47” 42” ST150-ND
200 gallons 30” 56” 48” ST200-ND
250 gallons 36” 56” 48” ST250-ND
300 gallons 35” 78” 45” ST300-ND
400 gallons 43” 78” 45” ST400-ND
500 gallons 44” 80” 56”
800 gallons 49” 95” 60” ST800-ND
1,000 gallons 63” 95” 60” ST1000-ND
1,010 gallons 59” 130” 47” ST1010-TX
1,200 gallons 60” 102” 66” ST1200-ND
1,400 gallons 75” 130” 67” ST1400-ND
1,600 gallons 59” 130” 71” ST1600-ND
1,900 gallons 73” 100” 67” ST1900-ND
2,200 gallons 75” 100” 71” ST2200-ND
2,500 gallons 76” 130” 87” ST2500-ND
2,800 gallons 67” 145” 97” ST2800-ND
3,200 gallons 75” 145” 97” ST3200-ND

*Enduraplas Sump Bottom Transport Tanks are also available without the frame.

Mounting Pins
THD03200-THD01600 8 x AZP04
THD01200 6 x AZP04
THD01010 8 x AZP03
THD01000-THD00500 6 x AZP03
THD00400 4 x AZP02
THD00250 4 x AZP01
Tank wedges specs
  • Mounting pins sold separately when tank is purchased without frame
  • Tank wedges can only be used with certain models to reduce the height of the tank and eliminate the need for a frame.
Yes! I  want a tank that I won’t have to replace for at least 10 years!

Enduraplas Sump Tank Documents

Sump bottom without frames specs graphic

See Why They’re Called the Strongest Tanks Ever – See Videos Below!

Enduraplas Advantage

Enduraplas vs Crane

No Hoops or Bands Needed/ Water Baffling Demonstration

Installation Using Pin Mount System

Yes! I  want a tank that I won’t have to replace for at least 10 years!

Eduraplas Sump Tank –Quality Made

Why settle for ordinary plastic tanks when you can have the best? Enduraplas poly sump tanks are made with a special process that makes them 30% stronger than the competition. Enduraplas tanks use only high-quality FDA-approved resin, making them perfect for storing potable (drinking) water safely.. They are are designed with a high standard of engineering excellence, and can handle impact and a wide range of chemicals. They have higher quality parts and components, and they last longer in real world applications. They are also UV-resistant, so you can keep them outside without any damage, and they come standard with a 10 year warranty. All this means less downtime, less money spent on repairs, more productivity, and a longer time between replacing the tank.

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Sump Tank – Applications

3200 Green Sump Bottom TankEnduraplas sump tanks are ideal for storing a wide variety of liquids and chemicals, and minimize waste by draining 100% of the stored liquids. These sump bottom transport tanks are are FDA approved to hold potable water, and they can also store chemicals, fertilizers, slurry, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), biodiesel, and many other chemicals.

Some common uses of sump bottom transport tanks are:

  • bulk storage of water
  • liquid fertilizer
  • agricultural chemicals
  • liquid feed
  • industrial chemicals
  • diesel exhaust fluid
  • salt brine
  • and many others!

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Sump Tank Accessories

Sump Bottom Transport Tanks are versatile and durable containers that can be used for safely transporting various liquid solutions. These tanks don’t require much in the way of extras, but we do have a few things to make hauling a little easier and safer too.

Anti splash lidAnti-Splash Lid
Transport tanks are only as strong as the lid. When you brake, your tank’s lid must withstand up to 3,200 gallons of sloshing liquid. Our Anti-Splash™ Lid is constructed of tough, corrosion-resistant stainless steel that keeps your heaviest loads from escaping and wasting your valuable liquids. Thanks to its heavy-duty locking mechanism, this lid is tough to break into as well.



Other accessories for Sump Tanks/Poly Transport Tanks include Mounting Pins, Tank Wedges, Built-in Baffles, and Baffle Balls.

pin mount system tank baffle baffle balls

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If you want a tank that doesn’t crack easily, leak or break…
If you don’t want to have to buy a replacement tank again for at least a decade, call us!

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