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Cone Tank Water Trailers For Sale

DOT-Compliant, Double-Tank Water Trailer System

cone tank water trailer

The cone tank water trailer is double trailer transportation system that is designed for large 3000 gallon cone tanks. This trailer system is DOT compliant and can successfully help you transportation empty storage tanks to remote areas for water storage.

Similar to our other water trailer systems, these cone bottom tanks are made from the reliable polyethylene material that provides a high resistance to rust and corrosion. Cones typically feature a 15 degree cone angle for fast emptying of fluids from your tank.

To bring this storage to needed locations, tanks are moved empty to your desired storage area, lowered to the ground, and then filled with water. If this isn't the tank you need, visit our Water Trailer page for more options.

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Cone Bottom Tank Trailer Features

  • 3000 gallon Cone Tanks
  • 15 Degree Cone Tank Angle
  • DOT Compliant Trailer
  • 6" Channel Iron Frame
  • Hand Hydraulic Pump
  • Electric Brakes

Cone Bottom Tank Trailer Benefits

Cone Tank Water Trailers are frequently used as a transportation system for large storage tanks. Great for constantly changing locations or water storage requirements, cone bottom tanks can be quickly moved to a new location or left on the frame for easy mobility after use. Cone tank trailers are commonly used in agricultural areas or irrigation locations with large liquid storage needs.

  • Easy Transportation for Large Tanks
  • Economical Transport and Storage Options
  • Moves Equipment to Remote Locations

Dual Cone Bottom Tank Water Trailer Technical Specifications

Overall Length 272"
Overall Width 102"
Overall Height (transport) 150"
Wheel Track 94"
Tank Dual 3000 gal. Cone
Cone Angle 15 degrees
Brakes Electric
Axle Solid
GVWR 3500 lbs.
Tires 7.50-16LT
Frame 6" Channel Iron
Other Cone Tank Trailer Features

-DOT Compliant Lighting
-2" Transfer Pump
-2" or 3" Plumbing
-Hand Hydraulic Pump
-Ball Hitch
(Optional 2" Transfer Pump)


Cone Bottom Tank Design

cone bottom storage tank on standIn addition to the trailer, we also offer Cone Bottom Plastic Tanks on stands in capacities ranging from 15 to 150 gallons. These tanks contain a 15 degree cone angle so fluids can be drained swiftly from your tank whenever necessary. All cone tanks are made from polyethylene to provide resistance to rust, corrosion, and contaminated water. FDA requires that only one water type be stored in each trailer.

In addition to empty storage trailers, these cone bottom tanks are also offered on their own to store and contain liquids. Cone bottom tanks include a bottom drainage system that allows liquids to easily drain from the tank. Cone tanks are made in sizes up to 3000 gallons.

Interested in more of the plastic water storage tanks that we have to offer? View all our Plastic Tanks for more information. We offer other water tank trailers in capacities ranging from 500 to 1,600 gallons. View all our Water Trailers.

Interested in our cone bottom tank trailers? Give our sales team a call at +1-863-261-8388 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.