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Enduraplas Tanks

Poly Tanks with 10 Year Warranty

enduraplas authorized dealer graphicPremier tanks at affordable prices.  If you’re going to invest in a poly tank, why not opt for the best one available instead of a substandard tank?  Enduraplas tanks come with a 10 year warranty, something unheard of in the industry.  With other tanks, you need to replace them ever 3-5 years, but with Enduraplas, you’ll enjoy the cost savings from not having to replace these tanks for a long, long time.

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Enduraplas Tanks

When it comes to poly tanks, you won’t find tougher tanks than Enduraplas.  Made to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, these tanks boast extra thick walls, ribbed designs that prevent bulging, a reinforced roof, uv treatment, and light blocking technology to prevent algae growth.  All Enduraplas Tanks are made to be damage resistant, have superior strength, and last a long time in the field. They all also boast a 10 year warranty.

Watch here to see just how tough these tanks really are:

Enduraplas VS. SUV

Pin Mount System Test

Enduraplas VS 500 lb Man

Enduraplas Advantage

Enduraplas Tank Options

Poly Transport Tanks

Black Transpor Tanks on flat bed trailerFor transportation and storage of liquids. These tanks have a variety of applications in different industries due to their durability, versatility, and resistance to corrosion and chemicals. Enduraplas Transport Tanks also feature extra thick walls for durability and strength. The rotomold construction ensures that there are no weak points or seams in your tank.  The pin mount system provides extra security in mounting the tank to the base and has twice the usual mounting points.  Lifting Lugs are included to make moving the empty tank easier and more convenient.  And there are numerous accessories available, like the anti splash lockable lid, ladder, and baffles.

Poly Sump Tanks

green sump tankEnduraplas’ sump tanks are similar to the transport tank mentioned above, and have all the same features.  The difference lies in the bottom of the tank.  Inside the poly tank, the bottom is shaped with a trough that is engineered to funnel liquid to a lowpoint, so that no liquid is left behind.  In other words, these tanks are fully draining, so that you can benefit from cost savings by utilizing every drop of solution stored in your tank.  One additional benefit, is that Sump Tanks retain their value very well for resale.

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Vertical Storage Tanks

four black tanks installed for water storageBuilt to store any number of solutions or solids, Enduraplas’ Poly Vertical Storage Tanks can store water, rainwater, fertilizers, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, food grade solutions, fuels and nearly anything else you need to store.  (See Chemical Compatibility Chart.)  Made from food grade approved poly resins they are also safe for drinking water storage.  They are ridiculously tough and can take the typical abuse that often occurs in field use. Some of the features include a reinforced roof for extreme weather, extra thick walls for strength and longevity, rotomolded tank for superior strength and to reduce weak points and seams in the tank, banded walls to prevent bulging, and lifting lugs to make moving the tank easier and more convenient. Accessories to enhance your use of the vertical poly tank are also available.

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Cone Bottom Tanks

Cone Bottom TankEnduraplas Cone Bottom Tanks take the features of the Vertical Tank (mentioned above) and add a fully drain conical bottom to the tank.  The 15 degree conical bottom allows for quick draining of the tank, leaving no wasted liquid left behind.  Cone Bottom Tanks are available with or without a stand.  The stand is made from heavy-duty steel.  Trailer configurations for portable cone bottom tanks are also available for portable liquid storage and transport.

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Rainwater Tanks

Brown Water tank installed for rainwater harvestingRainwater tanks are quickly becoming popular for a number of reasons, from reducing costs and runoff to emergency water storage. Enduraplas’ Rainwater tank is made from drinking water safe poly resins and will not compromise the quality of water stored within. As with all Enduraplas tanks, they are made from extra thick plastic and rotomolded processes for superior strength and longevity. The UV protection extends the life of the tank from the elements, and the light block technology keeps algae from growing in your tank. Rainwater collection accessories make harvesting a breeze!

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Other Enduraplas Tank Options

Nurse Ag TrailerEnduraplas offers the same quality you’ve come to trust in other products too, from Nurse Trailers, to ATV sprayer skids, to chemical handling systems, to refueling equipment.  Enduraplas is the brand you can trust for quality and long product life.

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