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Enduraplas Sprayer

Designed from Customer Input

In addition to liquid storage tanks with an incredibly long life-span and warranty, the Enduraplas sprayer also has a reputation for longevity and functionality.  Built for endurance and rugged use, the Enduraplas sprayer is proven to last much longer than the industry average, and they’re available in designs engineered specifically to be operator-friendly.  When Enduraplas manufactures a spraying system, they consider your real-life spraying applications and your budget. You’ll find many unique features that are perfectly suited for the agricultural, lawn and landscape, golf and recreation, pest control and horticultural industries.  All Enduraplas tanks are overbuilt for strength and durability and come with an industry-leading 10 year warranty!

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Enduraplas Nurse Trailers

Enduraplas liquid handling trailers are engineered from customer feedback and include many unique features you won’t find on other nurse wagons or cone trailers. These durable trailers are used primarily for transport, portable storage and agricultural nursing applications. With a superior frame construction, these are, hand’s down, the industry’s strongest tanks.  There are several customer-inspired plumbing packages to pick from, you can be sure we have the right setup for your application. Build your own trailer - choose from our popular tank sizes, pumps and fittings.

Why Enduraplas has the Reputation of Being the Best

DOT Sprayer Trailers

DOT Nurse Traler GreenAn extra heavy duty frame and DOT compliant features make this trailer safe and legal for public road use. All the Enduraplas standards that you’ve come to expect are also included. Use it for transporting water and other liquids safely and conveniently. Each trailer is equipped with a Honda® engine, a Banjo® pump and a DOT light kit (lights, brakes & fenders that comply with DOT standards). DOT trailers feature the exceptionally secure Pin Mount™ system.

AG Series Nurse Trailers

AG Trailer greenEnduraplas quality, boiled down to the basics of only what you need on your farm or ranch. This is a very cost effective option for transporting liquid solutions around your fam or ranch. It’s designed to withstand rough conditions that can occur on the job. Ag trailers come standard with a Briggs & Stratton engine and are equipped with an extra-strong constructed design tube frame. Upgrades and accessories are available to tailer your nurse trailer to your needs.

Double Cone Bottom Trailer

Double Cone Bottom TrailerChoose between the 5,000 or 6,000-gallon size. Double Cone Bottom Trailers feature hydraulic jacks, heavy-duty powder-coated steel frames and a built-in drainage system. These tanks include an industry-leading 10-year warranty and can be customized with your choice of pump and plumbing packages. Perfet for when you need a large volume of solution moved around your location.

Tripple Cone Bottom Trailer

Tripple Cone Bottom TrailerThis trailer is designed to handle 3 x 3,300 gallon Enduraplas cone bottom tanks. It features hydraulic jacks to make raising/lowering the tanks easy, heavy duty powder coated steel frames and a built-in drainage system. These tanks include an industry-leading Ribbed Wall™ warranty and can be customized with your choice of pump and plumbing packages.


Enduraplas Sprayer

Built in America, Enduraplas sprayers are manufactured with precision and attention to detail. Unlike regular ‘economy’ sprayers found at big box stores, our spray equipment is designed to last season after season. Each spray tank comes standard with an industry-leading 10-year warranty – the Enduraplas Quality Guarantee. The pump, plumbing, parts and components on these spray units are premium brands for a longer use-life and less hassle. We offer a host of accessories so you can build the precise answer to your unique need.

Fire Ranger

Fire RangerThe ideal fire control sprayer at the perfect price. Every farmer or fire department needs this as a backup. The Fire Ranger Skid comes with an integrated quick-fill system and a high flow performing Nozzle. It can also slide into the back of a pickup for emergency mobilization.


Foam Ranger

Foam  RangerWant a beast of a machine that will suppress a fire in record time?  The Foam Ranger™ is it.  Foam will suppress a fire up to four times faster than water and helps create long-lasting fire breaks. A special air induction nozzle lets you save water while getting the most possible from your foam. It also comes with a built-in foam tank and foam gauge so that you can control how much foam you dispense by just twisting a  knob.

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