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Cone Bottom Tanks for Sale

Enduraplas Cone Bottom Tanks

cone bottom tankThese cone bottom tanks for sale last longer and are lower priced than competitors. You can be sure that these are NOT your average poly tanks. Enduraplas is known for building American made, high quality, extremely durable tanks with a 10-year warranty. We are pleased to offer Enduraplas cone bottom tanks at a fraction of what lesser poly tanks typically run on the market.

Like most other poly cone bottom tanks, ours are fully draining and give you access to 100% of the stored liquids. But that’s where the similarities stop. Enduraplas cone bottom tanks are the safest, heaviest, and most durable ones that you can buy. In the quest to provide the strongest and longest lasting cone bottom tanks on the market, these tanks were over-built from every angle. The roof design is the strongest on the market with a reinforced truss-like structure to help it withstand extreme weather. The ribbed walls prevent bowing from heavy loads. It also features four built-in lifting and tie-down points, making it easy to handle.

We believe that quality matters to you. Especially when it costs you the same thing or less than a less quality tank! Let us show you the difference in price and quality.

If you want a tank that doesn’t crack easily, leak or break…
If you don't want to have to buy a replacement tank again for at least a decade, call us!

Enduraplas Cone Bottom Tank Features

Cone Bottom Tank Benefits:

    cone bottom tank
  • Range in size from 550 to 10,000 gallons
  • Fully draining, can be emptied quickly
  • Seamless, water-tight and leak-proof
  • 10 year warranty
  • FDA, ASTM D1998, NSF/ASNI 61-2015, NSF/ASNI 372-2011 compliant
  • Green and black are standard tanks, yellow and white available on request
  • Made in the USA

Cone Bottom Tank Features:

  • 15 degree conical bottom
  • Banjo FNPT 3” bolted fitting on bottom
  • Made from extra-heavy-duty plastic
  • Extra thick walls
  • 4 x positive tie-down points, built in
  • Reinforced dome for extra strength
  • 16” hinged vented, locking lid
  • Structurally molded ribbing acts as belting
  • Superior frame structure for heavy liquid

Cone Bottom Tanks for Sale – Specs

Enduraplas Cone Bottom Tanks are available in a range of sizes from 550 to 10,000 gallons, with a variety of customization and accessory options.

All Enduraplas Poly Cone Bottom Tanks come with:

  • Tie down points
  • 16” lid size
  • 3” bolted bottom fitting
  • 1.9 Specific gravity
  • 15 degree cone slope
  • 10 year warranty
  • Choice of Green, Black, Yellow or White tank colors

Enduraplas Cone Bottom Tank – With Stand

Gallons Height Diameter Documents
550 gallons 69" 60" Drawing - ND
Drawing - TX
870 gallon 95" 60" Drawing - ND
Drawing - TX
1,100 gallon 114" 60" Drawing - ND
Drawing - TX
1,200 gallons 83" 90" Drawing - ND
Drawing - TX
1350 gallon 87" 85" Drawing - ND
1,550 gallon 95" 85" Drawing - ND
1,600 gallons 96" 90" Drawing - ND
Drawing - TX
2,000 gallons 113" 90" Drawing - ND
Drawing - TX
2,020 gallon 94" 109" Drawing - ND
2,500 gallon 131" 90" Drawing - ND
Drawing - TX
2,520 gallons 105" 109" Drawing - ND
3,000 gallons 146" 90" Drawing - ND
Drawing - TX
3,200 gallons 125" 109" Drawing - ND
4,000 gallons 144" 109" Drawing - ND
5,000 gallon 175" 109" Drawing - ND
6,000 gallon 198" 109" Drawing - ND
6,011 gallons 133" 142" Drawing - ND
Drawing - TX
7,011 gallons 148" 142" Drawing - ND
Drawing - TX
8,000 gallons 167" 142" Drawing - ND
Drawing - TX
10,000 gallons 202" 142" Drawing - ND
Drawing - TX

*Tank stands are optional. The stand also raises the base off the floor, allowing room for drainage.

We want this tank to be precisely what you need to get the job done. Call us today and get your questions answered.

Cone Bottom Tank - Manufacture

Enduraplas cone bottom tanks are constructed using a single-piece roto-mold process that makes this tank extra strong and virtually indestructible.  Enduraplas cone bottom tanks are produced by rotationally molding high-density virgin polyethylene resin into a seamless, cone bottom shape.  This process produces tanks that are extremely durable, along with being resistant to impact and a wide range of chemicals.  In fact, we’re so confident in their performance, that you’ll get a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Did you know? Enduraplas tanks are made from a special, more expensive high-pressure extrusion process that makes the polymer 30% stronger than the competition.  Others just pour colored powder. It also makes it so the cone bottom tanks completely block the light, eliminating algae growth. The UV inhibitors that are added during the manufacturing process protect the tank from sun degradation and completely block the light and eliminate algae growth.  The bottom line:  These poly cone bottom tanks can be kept inside or outside.

Enduraplas cone bottom tanks are designed with a higher standard of engineering excellence.  They are produced with higher quality parts and components.  And they last longer in real world applications.   This isn’t something that just happens.  It is a result of higher attention to detail, research, and an appreciation of the real value that having a quality product brings.  This all translates into less downtime, less money spent on repairs, greater productivity, and a much, much longer time use-life of the tank.

Strongest Tanks Ever – See Videos!

See for yourself why these tanks are in demand.

Tank VS Bull

Tank VS 400lb Man

Tank VS Chevy Blazer

Enduraplas Cone Bottom Tanks – Literature

Enduraplas Cone Bottom Tanks - Applications

Enduraplas Cone Bottom tanks are most commonly used for storing, mixing and dispursing water & chemicals. Conical bottom tanks are popular because there is virtually no waste.  The tanks drain quickly and are fully draining.  In addition to being FDA approved to hold potable water, these tanks are often used to store chemicals, fertilizers, slurry, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), and biodiesel.

Some common uses of cone bottom tanks are:

  • Mixing and storing chemicals such as acids, bases, salts, detergents, and pesticides.  Cone bottom tanks prevent the formation of dead zones and ensure complete mixing of the chemicals.

  • Storing sludge and slurry such as wastewater, sewage, and even manure. Cone bottom tanks facilitate the separation of solids and liquids and enable quick and complete drainage of the sludge.  They are perfect for applications that include storing heavy materials and materials that are prone to sludging, which are difficult to drain out of upright tanks. 

  • Storing grains, cattle feed such as corn, wheat, barley, and soybeans, and other dry materials. Cone bottom tanks allow for easy dispensing of the feed with a flange or slidegate at the bottom of the tank.

  • Storing diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) which is a urea-based solution used to reduce emissions from diesel engines. Cone bottom tanks prevent crystallization and contamination of the DEF and ensure consistent quality.

  • Brewing and fermenting liquids such as wine and beer.  Cone bottom tanks allow for easy yeast harvesting and removal of sediment.  Materials that require separation can be handled with a decant fitting to remove the liquid from the solids. 

  • Other common uses: Water Treatment, Biodiesel & Biofuels (WVO), Fertilizer (Ammonium Nitrate), Paper Mills, Agriculture, Slurry / Sludge (Settling Tanks).

Cone Bottom Tanks - Accessories

Cone bottom tanks for sale are versatile and durable containers that can be used for various applications. They are ideal for storing, mixing and dispensing liquids and solids, such as water, chemicals, fertilizers, slurry, and feed. To enhance their functionality and performance, you may need some accessories to go along with them. For example, you may need stands to support and elevate your tanks, fittings and valves to connect and control the flow of your materials, lids to cover and protect your tanks, or pumps to transfer your materials. Whatever your needs are, we have the right accessories.  Browse our selection of Enduraplas cone bottom tank accessories and find the ones that suit your project.

Threaded Site Gauge Bolted Sight Gauge Pump Cover
cone bottom tank cone bottom tank cone bottom tank

Mixing Cones

20" x 45"

24" x 42"

30" x 43"

30" x 45"

If you want a tank that doesn’t crack easily, leak or break…
If you don't want to have to buy a replacement tank again for at least a decade, call us!