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Rain Water  Collection Tank

Enduraplas 10 Year Warranty

Enduraplas Rain Water Collection Tanks lead the industry with superior strength, affordability, and a 10 year warranty.  It’s practically impossible to break these tanks (see videos below), and they will outlast all the other tanks on the market. Made from NSF Compatible food grade and drinking water safe poly resins, they are the perfect fit for potable water storage and rainwater storage.  We also have all the fittings you need for convenient and safe rainwater storage.  Browse through our Enduraplas rain water collection tank sizes and accessory options to find the best fit for your needs, all delivered to your doorstep with prices that will pleasantly surprise you!

rain water collection tank

Are you unsure about the style or size of rainwater tank you need? We have many options available for rain water collection tanks. Let our experts help you work through your needs and requirements to find the right fit! Call us today!

Enduraplas Rain Water Collection Tank Benefits:

  • Unmatched 10 year warranty!
  • Sizes from 100 to 10,000 gallons
  • Food Grade, Drink Safe Plastic, FDA Compliant
    FDA, ASTM D1998, NSF/ASNI 61-2015, NSF/ASNI 372-2011 compliant
  • Light Block Technology, Keeps Algae Out
  • Strongest Tank on the Market
  • Made in the USA
  • Cost effective to install

Enduraplas Rain Water Collection Tank Features:

  • Seamless, water-tight and leak-proof (rotomolded)
  • Made from extra heavy-duty plastic with extra thick walls
  • Can store many different types of liquids
  • Sturdy lifting lugs & tie-down points
  • Reinforced roof design for extreme weather
  • Ribbed wall structure reduces bulging
water trailer infographic

Enduraplas Rain water Tanks are available in a range of sizes from 100 to 10,000 gal poly tanks, with a variety of customization and accessory options. See below for drawings and sizes.


Product description Diameter Height Total Capacity Dry Weight Drawing Link
100 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 30" 43" 100 gallons 55 lbs TLV00100 Drawing
150 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 30" 61" 150 gallons 50 lbs TLV00150 Drawing
200 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 30" 79" 200 gallons 50 lbs TLV00200 Drawing
210 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 40" 48" 210 gallons 58 lbs TLV00210 Drawing
340 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 40" 74" 340 gallons 70 bs TLV00340 Drawing
450 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 40" 94" 450 gallons 137 lbs TLV00450 Drawing
550 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 60" 52" 550 gallons 110 lbs TLV00550 Drawing
870 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 60" 87" 870 gallons 148 lbs TLV00870 Drawing
1,100 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 60" 96" 1100 gallons 197 lbs TLV01100 Drawing
1,125 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 60" 52" 1125 gallons 198 lbs TLV01125 Drawing
1,200 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 60" 90" 1200 gallons 225 lbs TLV01200 Drawing
1,350 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 85" 71" 1530 gallons 253 lbs TLV01350 Drawing
1,550 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 85" 80" 1700 gallons 297 lbs TLV01550 Drawing
1,650 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 90" 75" 1731 gallons 297 lbs TLV01650 Drawing
1,750 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 85" 89" 2000 gallons 319 lbs TLV01750 Drawing
2,000 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 90" 93" 2276 gallons 327 lbs TLV02000 Drawing
2,100 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 85" 100" 2100 gallons 347 lbs TLV02100 Drawing
2,500 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 90" 113" 2680 gallons 407 lbs TLV02500 Drawing
2,600 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 100" 92" 2700 gallons 418 lbs TLV02600 Drawing
3,000 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 90" 125" 3126 gallons 440 lbs TLV03000 Drawing
3,100 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 100" 103" 3100 gallons 536 lbs TLV03100 Drawing
5,050 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 120" 120" 5050 gallons 908 lbs TLV05050 Drawing
5,200 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 100" 164" 5200 gallons 608 lbs TLV05200 Drawing
6,011 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 144" 110" 6011 gallons 908 lbs TLV06011 Drawing
6.250 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 120" 147" 6300 gallons 1029 lbs TLV06250 Drawing
7,011 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 144" 125" 7011 gallons 1703 lbs TLV07011 Drawing
8,000 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 144" 142" 8150 gallons 1403 lbs TLV08000 Drawing
10,000 Gallon Rain Water Collection Tank 144" 178" 10400 gallons 1098 lbs TLV10000 Drawing

Enduraplas Rain Water Tank – Helpful Information (pdf's)

Learn about Rainwater Harvesting

See Why Enduraplas Tanks Are Preferred!

Enduraplas Advantage

The Best Way to Collect Water

How to Prevent Algae Growth in Your Water Tank

Benefits of Rainwater Storage

Enjoy the many benefits of capturing and using rainwater.  The benefits range from environmental to economic advantages. Here are some key benefits of rainwater storage:

    rain water harvesting tank installed
  1. Preservation of Freshwater: Rainwater harvesting conserves precious freshwater resources by harnessing rainwater for tasks like irrigation, landscaping, and toilet flushing. This lessens the strain on municipal water supplies and groundwater reserves.
  2. Decreased Water Expenses: Employing collected rainwater for activities such as plant watering and toilet flushing can notably reduce your water bills, particularly in regions with high water costs.
  3. Control of Stormwater Runoff: The collection of rainwater prevents excess stormwater runoff, a factor in erosion, flooding, and pollution of local water systems. This aids in the management of urban runoff and its environmental repercussions.
  4. Sustainable Landscape Support: Rainwater is inherently soft and devoid of many tap water minerals and chemicals that can be detrimental to plant growth and health.  It becomes an excellent nurturer for plants. however, as it imparts beneficial nutrients without the concerns of soil compaction or salt buildup.
  5. Enhanced Plant Well-being: Rainwater is generally chlorine-free and devoid of other common tap water chemicals. This fosters healthier plant growth and reduces the stress on plants caused by chemical additives.
  6. Erosion Mitigation: Rainwater storage systems regulate water movement across your property, curbing soil erosion and safeguarding topsoil integrity to maintain landscape health.
  7. Emergency Water Source: Reserved rainwater can serve as a crucial emergency water supply during water disruptions or natural calamities.
  8. Lightened Water Infrastructure Load: Opting for rainwater in non-potable applications alleviates the burden on local water treatment plants and distribution networks, promoting more efficient water management.
  9. Positive Environmental Influence: Rainwater harvesting curtails the demand for energy-intensive water treatment procedures, thereby reducing associated carbon emissions. Additionally, it eases the pressure on aquatic ecosystems stemming from excessive groundwater extraction.
  10. Educational and Awareness Benefits: Rainwater harvesting cultivates consciousness regarding water conservation and sustainable practices, both within your household and your community.
  11. Possible Discounts and Incentives: Certain regions extend financial incentives or rebates for the installation of rainwater harvesting systems, aiding in offsetting initial investment costs.
  12. Elevated Water Purity: Accumulated rainwater is typically devoid of contaminants often present in groundwater sources. This renders it suitable for a range of non-potable uses.

Rain water storage systems are all uniquely tailored to your meet your specific needs, from small-scale systems for residential use to larger setups for commercial or agricultural purposes.  Call us today for help in determining the right tank and system for your project!

Why Not Get the Best?

Why settle for ordinary plastic tanks when you can have the best and a 10 year warranty. Enduraplas vertical storage tanks are crafted through a specialized procedure that produces 30% greater strength compared to their rivals. Fabricated from a single piece of roto-molded polyethylene material infused using a proprietary process and exclusive materials, Enduraplas water tanks attain seamlessness, leak-proof qualities, and nearly indestructible characteristics. Additionally, they are UV-stabilized and corrosion-resistant, rendering them apt for outdoor usage.

Crafted from premium-grade, FDA-compliant resin that's both food-grade and safe for drinking water, these poly tanks are the result of meticulous engineering standards. They are adept at withstanding impacts and a diverse array of chemicals. These vertical polyethylene water storage tanks incorporate superior parts and components, leading to extended lifespans in real-world applications. This translates to minimized downtime, reduced repair expenses, heightened productivity, and longer intervals between tank replacements.

Rain Water Collection Tank Accessories

We have everything you need to make your rain water collection tank fit your unique requirements!  See below for just a few of our available options.

Filter Baskets - Overflow Kits

Other Customization Choices:

Rain Water Harvesting Kits

Rain Harvesting Kit Code Items Included Compatible Tanks
ATRHKIT01 -Filter Basket 16" (ATLSSM02)
-Overflow Kit 3" (CPFTO01)
-Tap 3/4" (CFVS04M04GHM)
-Tank Fitting (CBTFO75)
All Series Tanks with 16" Lid
ATRHKIT02 -Filter Basket 16" (ATLSSM02)
-Overflow Kit 4" (CPFTO02)
-Tap 3/4" (CFVS04M04GHM)
-Tank Fitting (CBTFO75)
All Series Tanks with 16" Lid
ATRHKIT03 -Filter Basket 8" (ATLSSM01)
-Overflow Kit 3" (CPFTO01)
-Tap 3/4" (CFVS04M04GHM)
-Tank Fitting (CBTFO75)
All Series Tanks with 8" Lid

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You won’t be disappointed with your Enduraplas Rain Water Collection Tank, or the price. But why not let us help you make sure you’re picking the right option for your project? Call us today!

Other Options

Looking for other rain water collection tank options? We have many choices available including a DIY 5000 gallon Corrugated Tank. Other options are available in different styles and sizes. Just ask us for help in picking the right one for your project!

corrugatedd water tanks with access ladder installed
Corrugated tanks
bolted tank tan color
Bolted steel tanks
green poly tanks
Poly Water Tanks