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Determining Cistern Water Tank Sizes

Selecting a Cistern Tank for Your Home or Business

The size of your cistern tank containment liner will be determined by where you want to use and store it. If you are looking to add a cistern tank to your home, business, or industrial facility, determining the size of the cistern tank will be calculated based on your location, tank, and supply requirements. Some general information on sizing your tank can be found below.

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Cistern Tank Sizes and Water Consumption

water faucetCistern tank sizes can be determined by the amount of water used in your location. To assist customers with this process, we urge them to check out the Water Consumption Calculator. This calculator takes the amount of people, faucets, and toilets in your location and then calculates your approximate water usage.

Depending on how you are looking to use your collected rainwater, different fields may be more applicable than others. For example, if you are looking to reuse rainwater exclusively for sprinkler systems, you may require different options than if you are looking to supply your entire home with water. Some variables are:

  • Number of People in your Residence
  • Daily Showers (average time in shower, shower head flow)
  • Toilet Water Use (number of toilet uses, gallons per flush)
  • Faucet Water Use (average number of faucet uses, minutes per use)
  • Dishwasher Uses (by hand numbers, gallons per dishwasher)
  • Laundry Uses (amount of loads, gallons per load)
  • Lawn Water Uses (how many times the lawn is watered, minutes per watering)

Cistern Tank Sizes and Rainwater Collection

rainwater collection

The second step in sizing your cistern tank involves your collection area and collection method. For example, if you are planning on collecting rainfall from your roof, you will need to determine the size of the roof collection area. This will help determine how many gallons you can expect to collect from your given method.

Typical rainwater collection methods and ares include roof, downspouts, gutters, open top tanks, and filtration systems. Some things you will need to consider about collection rainwater include:

  1. Collecting Rainwater
    Typical rainwater collection methods will include rainwater catchment from the roof, downspouts, gutters or even straight into your open top tank.
  2. Available Collection Area
    The size of the collection area can help you determine how much water you can except to catch in a given area.
  3. Amount of Rainfall
    The next step in the process is determining how much rainfall you can expect in your area. For this process, you will want to look at both the average rainfall amounts, as well as the normal rainfall amounts for your specific area.

Cistern Tank Sizes and Cistern Types

After you determine how much water you will need, the next step is choosing the right cistern tank for your location. Factors you will need to take into consideration include storage area (space restrictions, above ground, below ground) and size. Some common options include:

Pillow Cistern Tanks Pillow Cistern Tanks: For small scale storage, rainwater pillow tanks are a great option. These tanks are often implemented in crawl spaces, basements, or under decks to provide low profile storage.
Cistern Liners for Sale Cistern Liners: Protect cistern tanks that have formed interior leaks or cracks. Made from quality fabric, these liners are custom-made to fit the exact dimensions and specifications of your cistern.
fiberglass tanks rainwater storage Fiberglass Tanks: The fiberglass storage tank is a favorite for rainwater collection due to its strength and stability. Fiberglass tanks will not rust or corrode, making them ideal for long-term storage applications.
corrugated steel tanks Corrugated Steel Tanks: As an alternative to standard steel, corrugated steel tanks are also available for rainwater storage and collection. These tanks will ship in pieces and then are installed on site.
steel water tanks Steel Tanks: Another common option is a steel storage tank. These are available in both above ground and below ground options and can accommodate water storage requirements up to 50,000 gallons.

Questions about cistern water tank sizes? We can help! Call our sales team at +1-863-261-8388 or contact us to discuss your project.