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Water Tank Skid Units

Sprayer Skid Units for Sale

Water tank skid units are versatile water hauling products made for multiple applications. With tank capacities ranging from 500 to 1600 gallons, you can be sure to find a solution for whatever project you're facing. Whether you need a tool for dust suppression, road compaction, fire suppression, landscape watering, livestock watering, or equipment washing, you'll find a water tank skid unit that's perfect for you. And if you need something more all-inclusive and road ready, like a water hauling trailer, we have that too.

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Skid Sprayer Options and Equipment

200 Gallon Fire Suppression SkidWhen it comes to skid sprayers, you have several durable features to consider. Each skid sprayer unit features a durable poly seated on a rugged and durable channel iron frame. Depending on which skid unit style you select, the water tank will either be a standard white poly tank or a black, algae-resistant poly tank. The 6" channel iron frame is equipped with a number of useful features as well. For example, use the hose reel with fire hose and fire nozzle for easy and convenient targeted spraying. Some units are equipped with a galvanized spray bar that provides a wide swath of water spray perfect for dust suppression.

Spray nozzles are used for wide coverage, while a hose is provided for more intense spot treatment. Standard water buffalo tank sizes are 300, 500, 1,000, and 1,600 gallons. water trailers are delivered ready for operation. The 4 horsepower engine drives the tank pump; it efficiently fills and discharges water on this DOT compliant trailer mounted water tank. Water hauling tanks have never been more efficient!

Skid Sprayer Benefits

skid sprayersWater tank skid units come in a wide selection of sizes ranging from 200 gallons to 1600 gallons, giving you numerous options for storing and transporting water easily on your property. These skid sprayers are recommended for 1-ton or larger trucks. Smaller skid sprayer units can be carried by appropriate UTVs, trailers or pickup trucks. Larger skid sprayers like the Dustkiller Truck Skid Sprayers are designed to turn dump trucks into water trucks and dust suppression trucks.

Get reliable water storage and transportation with our water skid units. Ask us for help in selecting the water skid best suited for your needs.

Perfect for:

  • Durable, Reliable Water Transportation
  • USA Made Construction
  • Large Gallon Capacity Range
  • Multipurpose Features for Many Uses and Applications

Skid Sprayer Applications and Uses

Skid Sprayer Dump Truck TankUse water tank skid units wherever you need watering on your property. That's the beauty of the versatility of these skid sprayers. Whether need a way to keep grass fires at bay or are getting ready for a controlled burn, you'll find the fire skid unit perfect, compact and ready for action.

If you are working on a small construction project, you'll find the 500 gallon skid unit the best tool for the job. Its water storage capacity and maneuverability make it the best choice for small projects.

Maybe you have a big dust suppression project and you need a lot of water onsite fast. We have the perfect solution for you. Our series of Dustkiller dump truck water skids are easy to load and unload and convert virtually any dump truck into a water truck and dust suppression truck.

Here are some typical ways our water tank skid units are used:

  • Large dust suppression projects with the Dustkiller Skid Sprayers (1000, 1250, 1600)
  • Smaller projects with the 500 gallon skid sprayer
  • Fire suppression with the 200 gallon fire skid unit
  • Water landscapes and trees with the UTV skid sprayer
  • And many, many more!

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