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Small Water Bags

FAQ: Can I use small water bags instead of sand bags for site reinforcement?

Question: I am interested in the small water bags (Portable storage) 12" X 17" at 4 gallons. I want to use them to replace my sand bags, not for drinking water. Do you have them in the color black? Also, do you have a dealer in Canada?

small water bags for sand bag replacement

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Answer: Greetings! Thanks for contacting Portable Tanks, a division of Water Storage Tanks. I'm happy to help! One option you might consider for the type of storage you have described is the Small Water Bags. These bags are uniquely equipped for the application that you present due to their small size and built-in handles.

The design of a water storage bag takes a flat-lay fabric that will form in shape as it is filled up with water. Each bag will typically contain a front ball valve fitting and cap that can be used to fill the tank through use of hose. As these tanks are filled, the flat bottom will be able to contain and hold the water.

Since you are specifically looking for something that is portable, these tanks can be a great option due to their built-in handle. This handle allows the tank and the water to be easily carried from one location to the next.

When empty, the size is 12" wide x 17" long x 1” thick and filled is 12" wide x 10" long x 12" high (including handle). Since you do not need the water to be potable, we can look at fabric that is not FDA compliant and it may actually save you some money.

Portable Tanks, a division of Water Storage Tanks ships globally. Although we do not have a representative in Canada, we have shipped many products there and have quite a few clients in the country.

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