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Flexible Bladder Tanks for Outdoor Storage Made in the USA

Can you provide potable water tanks with spigots
to meet health dept standards?

Question: We hold outdoor primitive events and are looking into potable water tanks with a spigot for easy access. The tanks should be collapsible for easy storage. We need enough water to supply 700-900 campers potable water per day. We can refill water each day. The water tanks are meant for summer use. They will be stored empty during the winter. The collapsible tanks will be used for drinking water only. The water containers need to pass health department regulations. I would say we need around 500 gallons just to be safe. We need one or two water tanks depending on the size. We would set them on a frame or platform. What are the sizes and available options?

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Answer:flexible water tanks  Thank you for contacting us! We do offer several different Flexible Water Tanks
that can be used in your outdoor space to store and distribute water to your campers. Our potable water tanks are manufactured from materials that meet FDA standards for drinking water storage. For the 500 gallon range that you have specified, tanks will typically feature small dimensions for low profile storage. The standard sizing for a tank of this capacity will feature 84" in width, 108" in length, and 16" in height.

Flexible Tank Features

In addition to the small dimensions available for this tank (84" W x 108" L x 16" H), these tanks also have several additional features that allow the tank to be successfully used in outdoor camping locations. Some of the features and advantages commonly found on this tank will include the following:

  • Fabric with UV Resistance
  • FDA and NSF 61 Approved Interior Fabrics
  • Flexible Fitting Options (including options for adding a spigot)
  • Folding Exterior

As you have suggested, in addition to featuring drinking water compatible fabrics, these tanks are also extremely easy to store, setup, and use. When the tanks empty, the exterior of the tank will lie flat allowing it to be folded or rolled up. This has allowed the empty tank to be store in a compact location or transported from one area to the next.

Please let us know if this flexible tank is a good fit for your application. If the 500 gallon model listed above is too large, please let us know and we can additionally quote you on two 250 gallon models instead. For more information, check out our Potable Water Tanks for Outdoor Events.


Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-863-261-8388 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your project.