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Portable Fuel Tank

Q/A: Are there small portable fuel storage tanks for boats?

Question: Customer needed a portable tank for fuel and wondered if something like this was available for boats. They were looking to store approximately 5-10 gallons of fuel and was wondering if there was an option for this kind of storage that could go on a boat.

Portable Fuel Tank Optionsdiesel caddy

While we do not offer a tank that can go on top of a boat for portable fuel transportation, we do offer a couple of portable fuel caddies that can be used to help move fuel from one location to the next. These Gas Caddies come in a 15 gallon and 28 gallon mode and have options for both diesel and gas.

The portable fuel caddy is an economical polyethylene storage unit that contains wheels, hoses, and a nozzle to help move fuel from the storage tank to your boat or water vehicle. The standard 28 gallon caddy model is additional made to US Coast Guard, DOT, and UN requirements.

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Typical fuel caddy features will include the following:

  • Up to 28 gallons of Storage Space
  • Spring Loaded nozzle
  • UL Approved Hose (10 ft.)
  • Pneumatic Tires
  • Baffle Molded into the Center of the Tank

As mentioned above, this caddy comes in two separate models, one for diesel storage and one for gas storage.

Fuel Caddies and Boat

This portable fuel tank can be used in marine applications to help bring fuel to boats, jet skis, and other water vehicles. This creates an easy way to get 28 gallons of fuel from a gas station to the water vehicle. These caddies can also be moved around the marine location to help fuel several vehicles. Learn More regarding a Portable Tank for Fuel.