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Plastic Water Storage Tanks

Above & Below Ground Tank Options for Rainwater Storage

For collecting and storing rainwater, plastic water storage tanks offer the durability and strength required to ensure your tank withstands environmental elements and keeps your water clean and safe for later use. Plastic water storage tank options provide you with ease and flexibility by providing you with a way to store and collect rainwater in either a below ground tank or above ground tank.

Whether you are looking to use your water storage tank in either a residential or industrial setting, these tanks offer long-lasting quality so your rainwater can be kept and stored for emergency situations. We also offer collapsible storage tanks and steel storage tanks for rainwater collection.

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Choose Your Rain Water Storage Tanks:

With an increasing need for storing and collecting rainwater, these poly tanks are an easy way to collect and store water. Tanks include several different models including those equipped to handle the nature of an outdoor or underground storage location.

Underground Tanks

The underground poly tank is an extremely durable product that has been used for the storage and collection of rainwater. These tanks feature an FDA approved resin and ribbed exteriors for strength and stability in underground locations. Features for this underground plastic tank include:

  • Ribbed Exterior
  • Seamless Polyethylene Construction
  • Lightweight
  • Self-Locking Cover
  • FDA Approved Resin

Above Ground Tanks

The above ground water tank is intended for outdoor locations and typically contain an FDA approved resin and dark exterior. This can be especially important when storing water as the dark exterior helps to block out light and prevent the growth of algae within your tank.

  • UV Stabilized
  • Dark Exterior
  • FDA Approved Resin

The rainwater collection tank often includes the use of an FDA approved resin that is safe for potable water. This is often used to help customers store drinking water without concern over contamination. Visit our Specialty & Custom Made Tanks page for more options.

Questions? We can help! Call us: +1-863-261-8388 or contact us to discuss your project.