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Q & A: Collapsible Pillow Tanks

Flexible Pillow Tank Use and Care FAQ

Do you have questions regarding of our flexible pillow tanks? You're not alone. Please feel free to browse through the commonly asked questions and information listed below.

Drinking Water Pillow Tank Questions

  1. What are the Advantages of Using a Collapsible Flexible Tank for Drinking Water? Flexibility, custom sizing, lower shipping, low profile, and compact storage are some of the many advantages to using a flexible tank. Check out more Advantages of Using Collapsible Tanks.

  2. Do you have Small Potable Water Containers? Yes, our standard flexible water tanks feature sizing beginning at 25 gallons and going up to sizes as large as 210,000 gallons. In addition to these tanks, we also offer a flexible water bag featuring sizes from 1 to 5 gallons. Minimum order is for 10 bags.
  3. potable water can be stored in flexible pillow tanks
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Grey Water Pillow Tank Questions:

  1. Do you have a Temporary Water Storage Tank for Grey Water? Yes, we do offer flexible tanks for both short-term and long-term storage. Short term storage tanks will typically feature a contact time for periods up to 1 year, with options for 3-5 years, and up to 7 years also available.

  2. Can I use a Bladder Tank as a Grey Water Tank for Camping Facility? In addition to options for drinking water storage, we also offer pillow tanks that can be successfully used for almost any non-potable water storage option.

  3. Additional Grey Water Pillow Tank Questions:

Fuel Pillow Tank Questions

  1. Can a Pillow Bladder Tank for Diesel be used in the Petroleum Exploration Industry? Yes, we do offer fuel pillow tanks that are successfully used for the storage of diesel, Jet A, and some hydrocarbon storage. Learn more about these tanks here: Pillow Tanks for Diesel Storage

  2. Do you have Large Jet Fuel Storage Tanks, say something that could store 50,000 gallons of Jet A Fuel? Both water and fuel storage tanks are available in sizes ranging anywhere from 25 to 210,000 gallons. This will include several large capacity tanks in common sizes such as 10,000, 20,000, 25,000, 50,000, and 100,000 gallons.

  3. Are there such as a thing as Flexible Tanks for Tank Farm? Yes, flexible tanks have been used in a tank-farm style setup that will connect several large-capacity tanks together.

  4. Afuel storage in flexiblepillow tanksdditional Fuel Pillow Tank Questions

Care & Use Pillow Tank Questions

  1. Is there a 1000 liter Collapsible Water Tank that can be Rolled and Moved? All collapsible tanks are equipped for movement when the tank is empty. When not in use, pillow tanks are designed to lie completely
    flat on the ground. This allows them to be rolled or folded for easier transportation and storage.

  2. Do you have any Information on how to Clean a Collapsible Drinking Water Tank? Yes, depending on
    the liquid that was being stored in your tank, pillow tanks are generally cleaned through one of three different methods: Washing out with hot water (around 158° F), Rinsing out with a mild chlorine solution, Rinsing out
    the tank with a sterilizing agent. For more information check out our page on How to clean a Pillow Tank

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Construction Pillow Tank Questions

  1. I need Information on Pillow Tank Fitting Locations. Where are these Fittings Placed on the Tanks? Tank fittings can vary depending on the size and intended storage capability for your tank. Standard fittings for most tanks will feature a 2" fill with cap. Adapters may be added to meet specific hose or pump fittings. However, due to the flexible nature of these tanks, all sizes can be equipped with any number of custom fittings to meet the requirements of your location.

  2. Question on Collapsible Tank Performance: How well do these Tanks Hold Up in Cold or Hot Climates? Flexible tanks can be successfully used in hot or cold climates. Due to the wide range of applications available for these tanks, we offer several different fabrics including those designed to hold up well in both extremely hot and extremely cold conditions. Please let us know the temperature ranges you require for your tank, so that we can make sure we match a fabric that is equally equipped for these climates.

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Pillow Tank Applications

View the Pillow Tank page for information on all collapsible storage tanks.

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