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Rainwater Harvesting Pillow Tank

Q&A: Can You Use Pillow Tanks for Rainwater Collection?

rainwater harvesting tank Question:
I live near Sebastian, FL and am interested in a pillow tank for rainwater harvesting. I am looking for it to store about 1250-1500 gallons. We want to store rain water which will be filtered into drinking water by a reverse osmosis system. It would need to me no more than 25 inches in height to fit under the house.

Thank you for contacting Water Storage Tanks with your inquiry. For something that is flexible, easy to handle, and reliable, the Rainwater Collection Pillow Tank is the perfect choice. We make them in many standard sizes (as well as custom sizes) and with coatings and fabrics tailored to your project. Pillow Tanks are well equipped to handle all your rainwater collection needs.

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Rainwater Harvesting Pillow Tank Options

The rainwater harvesting pillow tank is the perfect choice for rainwater storage around your home, facility, industrial space, business or other storage location. Built in sizes anywhere from a personal range of 25 gallons to a industrial size of 20,000 gallons or more, these tanks are the perfect option for collection and storage.

Since you have mentioned that you are needing to store these tanks in a height-restricted storage space, some advantages to using these tanks have included the following:

  • Low Profile to Fit in Crawl Spaces
  • Options for Under Deck or In Basement Storage
  • Folding Exteriors for Easy Transportation
  • FDA Approved Fabrics for Drinking Water Storage
  • Multiple Fittings for Connection to Downspouts and Hoses

These can include lower exteriors to help with areas with lower heights (such as the 25" that you have described).

Additional Tank Options for Rainwater Harvestingrainwater collection tank

In addition to the options shown here, we do have several other tanks that can be used for underground water storage, such as Cistern Water Tanks. This will include an underground plastic tank, fiberglass tank or steel tank.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-863-261-8388 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.