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Water Storage Tank for Hotel in Caribbean

FAQ: What options are there for large water storage tanks?

Looking for a large tank for water storage in a hotel setting? You're not alone! This customer came in looking for 170,000 gallons of water storage in their Caribbean hotel. See recommendations for this type of large water storage.

Question: We are looking for large tanks for water storage. We own several hotels in the Caribbean and looking for extra storage for dry spells. The tank sizes we are looking for would be for 170,000 US gallons. Preferred size dimensions would be: 50 feet x 85 feet x 5.5 feet high.large tanks for water storage

Obviously we would have to clear and clean up the debris in the area we want to locate the water tank. Is there any other requirements that we might need for the installation or use of this tank?

Answer: Thank you for asking. We can build the required Flexible Pillow Tank to make the shape and size requirements that you require. As a quick comparison, standard sizing for a pillow tank with a size of 175,000 US gallons would typically measure around seventy feet in length, sixty-five feet in width and five feet in height (75' L x 65' W x 5' H). However, as mentioned before, we are able to build these tanks to more of the square shape that you require.

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Tank Installation and Care of Use

In addition to the bladder tank itself, we do offer several other options to help with storage and protection of your unit. Some items other customers typically use with this type of large tank for water storage includes:

  • Ground Liners: These ground liners are the perfect way to line your area and help extend the lifespan of your tank. Liners are often placed on the ground after it has been cleared of all debris and levelled.
  • Covers: In addition to these tanks and liners, we also offer tank covers that can be used to help protect the tank. These covers are used on tanks to help protect units from sunlight. This helps with UV resistance and keeps the temperature cool.

It would be good if you could speak to a civil guy about the ground prep. If the bigger bits of concrete and any metal reinforcing are removed from the rubble and a compactor is used with some overlay fill and compacted down the site, it would be fine.

For more information on our bulk storage units, view our Large Tank for Water Storage Main Page. For additional information view our Flexible Tanks page for all storage tank options.

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