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Flexible Tanks

Potable Water, Non-Potable Water and Fuel Storage Fabric Tanks

Flexible Tanks are a low cost storage option designed to safely store potable water, waste water, fuels, hydrocarbons and a range of other liquids. Made from robust, high grade fabrics and materials, these tanks are used for short term storage, military applications, fire fighting, temporary tank repair, fuel storage, bulk liquid storage and more. In order to accommodate different flexible storage requirements, available tanks include pillow tanks, fire fighting tanks, onion tanks, and more. Please view our variety below for more information regarding these bladder tanks and storage options.

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Pillow Tanks

collapsible tank Collapsible Water Tanks

Drinking Water Storage

  • Humanitarian Relief
  • Construction Sites
  • Emergency Storage
  • Military Operations

collapsible tank

Rainwater Tanks

Rainwater Collection

  • Easy Set Up
  • Downspout Hook Up
  • Low Profile
  • Fits Under Decks

collapsible tank

Grey Water Flexible Tanks

Non Potable Water Storage

  • Frac Water Storage
  • Production Fluids
  • Process Liquids
  • Bulk Liquid Storage

collapsible tankFlexible Fuel Tanks

Fuel Storage

  • Diesel Fuel
  • Jet A Storage
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Oil

Fire Fighting and Open Top Tanks

onion tanks
Self Rising Onion Tanks

  • Fire Fighting Storage
  • Bulk Liquid Storage
  • Military Efforts
  • Decon Pools

Folding Frame Tank
Double Fold Frame Tanks

  • Fire Fighting Efforts
  • Disaster Relief
  • Decontamination Efforts

frame tanksCollapsible Frame Tanks

  • Fire Suppression
  • Emergency Relief
  • Aquaponics
  • Decon Efforts

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Additional Flexible Tanks and Fabric Options


cistern liner
Cistern Liners

Economical Fix to your Leaking Cistern

  • Rainwater Collection
  • Old Cistern
  • Lining for Cracked or Leaking Cisterns

frac tanks
Flexible Frac Tanks

Fluid Storage for Fracking Process Water

  • Frac Water
  • Pit Water Storage
  • Oil-Water Mixtures
  • Frac Discharge

Pillow Tanks

collapsible tankOne of the most popular flexible storage tank options is a Pillow Tank. Pillow tanks are constructed from flexible materials that allow the tank to lie completely flat when empty. As the tank fills with liquid, it will rise to form the shape of a pillow. This allows tanks to fit neatly in low profile areas or in wide spaces/storage locations.

Pillow Water Tanks are made from a range of fabric options that are rated for potable water storage (NSF 61 for drinking water), grey water storage or fuel storage. Please view the pages below for more information on these storage options:

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Frame Tanks and Onion Tanks for Fire Fighting Efforts

frame tanksIn addition to the closed pillow-style tanks, we also offer open top storage tanks such as folding frame tanks and self-rising onion tanks. Known for their ease of use and set up, these tanks set up in minutes to address emergency fire fighting or water supply requirements. Additionally, both tanks are designed with a folding or collapsible structure that allows them to be easily transported from one site to the next.

One of the most common applications for these open top units is for use in rural or forest fire fighting. In these remote locations, finding a source of water is often difficult. Open top frame or onion tanks can provide a large liquid containment pit to hold water while fire trucks and water bowsers get more supplies.

Fire Fighting Frame Tanks Include:

Additional flexible tank options include frac tanks, and cistern liners to assist in your liquid storage requirements.

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