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Frame Tank for Fish

Frame Tanks used to temporarily store fish

frame tankThe Frame Tank is an open-top storage tank designed to store various liquids including water and chemicals. Frame tanks are a great choice for fish farming, fire fighting efforts and emergency water storage requirements. These frame tanks are economical, portable way to temporarily store water. Read more about using a Collapsible Tank to Rear Fish.

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Frame Tank Design

The design of the frame tank includes several components depending on what you will be storing inside the storage tank. These components include:

  • Inner Liner: The main portion of the frame tank is made from an inner liner that is chosen based on the liquid you are storing. For fish storage, customers will typically choose an FDA approved fabric that is safe for animals.
  • Outer Frame: Around this liner is an outer frame that works to create a firm structure for your portable frame tank. This frame is typically made from a steel or aluminum material for added support.

In addition, frame tanks may also include a top cover, bottom liner and/or drain fittings.

Open Top Onion Tank

onion tanksAnother product that could work for your application is an Onion Tank. Our self-rising onion tanks are easy to deploy with minimal resources and are operational in minutes.

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