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Fire Fighting Decontamination Pools Made in the USA

FAQ: Do you have decon pools with rigid sides for use with fire depts?

A decon pool for fire department can include either onion tanks or frame tanks. Both tanks are flexible, contain an open top, and have been successfully used in decontamination operations.

Question: Can I get information on your 100 gallon decon pool? Also, do you also have any small tanks that have rigid sides?

Answer: onion tankI'd be happy to tell you about our decon pool selection.

The most popular decon pool is also known as an Onion Tank. A 100 gallon tank will have the following dimensions: 56" Base x 46" Top x 12" Height.

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Technical Specifications:

  • Liner Material: 18 oz PVC, 22 oz PVC, 30 oz XR-5, or Equivalent Materials
  • Foam collar tank with self supporting sides
  • Durable Coated Fabric
  • Chemical Resistance Chart
  • Material Selection Guide
  • Berm Handling, Installation & Use Guidelines

When used for decontamination, these tanks will sit on the floor of your location to hold several different products such as washoff from personnel, equipment, or other items that have been contaminated.

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Sizing for the onion tanks come in a wide range of options, including capacities ranging from 25 to 500 gallons. Please choose the sizing option that is most appropriate for the amount of liquid you need to store, as well as the size to fit the products you need to store.

Rigid Decon Pool for Fire Department

frame tankA small tank with rigid sides, that is often used by fire departments, would be our Frame Tank. These portable tanks are made from either an aluminum or steel frame that allows that tank to remain rigid during its use. Frame tanks can be another excellent choice for this type containment as they can successfully hold parts, clothing and other equipment. View specs and tank containment sizes.

Whether you're looking for tanks, sprayers, skids, or folding frame tanks, we have a huge variety of large and small fire suppression solutions for your water storage needs. Find out more about all of our firefighting options at Fire Suppression Products (PDF).

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