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Mobile Water Storage Tanks

FAQ: Do you have small drinking water tanks?

Customer needed drinking water for mobile catering business, but was looking for an option other than plastic so that the water would not be tainted in taste. See how a collapsible tanks could help.

Question: Hello, I am looking for a way of storing drinking water for mobile catering business. It is essential that the water is not tainted by plastic tastes. I need a capacity of appr200 litres. I would also like to be able to pump the water out to fill up cups, so the tanks are hidden under the table. Do you supply the apparatus for this or have another suggestion as to how to pour the water safely and comfortably?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! For the type of drinking water storage you have small flexible pillow tanks for potable water storagedescribed, a great option might be our Collapsible Portable Tanks. This tank features a low profile and is designed for transportation services. This could allow the tank to fit neatly under tables for quality water storage. You might also consider viewing our Drinking Water Holding Tanks page for additional information on potable water storage options.

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These collapsible pickup truck tanks are fitted standard with a pressure relief fill and discharge fittings. They can also be additionally equipped with a type of spigot or other fitting that might accommodate your needs.

These tanks are one of our smaller models in the collapsible tank variety and feature capacities from 50 to 250 gallons (189 to 946 liters). They are additionally equipped with drinking water compatibility for safe storage of these materials.

plastic water tankIf you would prefer something more rigid, we also have poly tanks that could work. These tanks are designed from polyethylene and contain resins that have been FDA approved for safe drinking water storage. These tanks are one of many in our Poly Tanks and also feature the ability to deal with mobile applications.

All poly tanks can be equipped with several different tank fittings, including several different spigots that can help with pouring your water in cups and other materials.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-863-261-8388 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.