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Spill Containment Basins

Poly Spill Containment Basins Provide a Reliable Sump

spill containment basinsSpill Containment Basins are designed to provide a self-supporting, reliable sump around your tanks, drums, and chemical storage vessels. Built from a robust polyethylene fabric, these basins naturally resist several chemicals as well as exposure to outside elements, including UV rays, water, wind and rain. This construction has provided customers with a spill system that is long-lasting, robust and equipped to handle constant with stored materials.

Poly spill basin are available in small and large sizes to accommodate different tank sizes and containment capacities. Standard models range in size from 385 gallons to 8,750 gallons. See more Secondary Containment Products here.

Containment Basins Standard Features

  • Seamless Linear Polyethylene
  • Open Top Basin Design
  • Accommodates Several Tank Sizes
  • Complies with 40 CFR-264.193

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Technical Specifications

Size in Inches (dia x height) Capacity (gal)
64 x 33 385
66 x 46 675
82 x 30 675
86 x 38 (2) 950
64 x 70 950
72 x 72 x 66 rect. 1150
96 x 96 x 40 tapered 1250
96 x 96 x 44 tapered 1415
84 x 84 x 48 rect. 1450
86 x 60 (2) 1500
84 x 84 x 60 rect. 1800
86 x 81 (2) 2000
96 x 96 x 62 tapered 2075
95 x 85 2450
95 x 97 (2) 2975
102 x 109 3700
120 x 87 (2) 4250
120 x 97 (2) 4650
141 x 77 5000
120 x 117 (2) 5700
141 x 100 6500
120 x 150 (2) 6800
141 x 115 7500
141 x 135 8750

Poly Containment Basins are one of many spill containment products designed to aide sites in the storage of their hazardous materials. When dealing with federal or state regulated containment requirements, rules typically require sites to have spill options that can contain 110% of the contents being stored. This means that if you have a tank storing 500 gallons of liquid, you will need a spill product with a 550 gallon containment capacity.

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Spill Containment Products

Since many of the products on our site are equipped to handle the storage of fuels, hydrocarbons, chemicals and other hazardous materials, Water Storage Tanks offers a range of containment products to help catch leaks and spills before they become a problem on your site. In addition to the model featured here, we also offer several flexible spill products including the following:

  • Spill Containment Berms: One of the most popular products for spill control is an item known as the Spill Containment Berm. Spill Berms feature flexible, UV and chemical resistant fabric, reliable walls, and portable exteriors for movement to and from sites. Models include:
    • Foam Wall Berms
    • Drive Through Berms
    • Aluminum Angle Berms

Their flexibility, large sizes, and easy setup as made them a common choice for frac tank rental companies, car washes, detail areas and other locations where constant transportation is a requirement. Check out all of our spill products here: Spill Containment Basins.

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