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Fire Hose Reel & Nozzle

Upgrade Your Express Trailer with a Fire Hose on a Reel

Fire Hose ReelHaving a quality and durable fire hose reel on your express water trailer or water sprayer can make all the difference in having an accurate, targeted and powerful water spray for fire suppression. We offer several upgrades to hose reels that you can have on your water hauling trailer or skid sprayer. Choose from Coxreel hose reels, which are available in hand crank. We also offer Reelcraft hose reels, which hare hand crank hose reels, designed for rugged heavy duty applications. For more information, see what products you can use with fire hose reel and fire hose nozzle with below.

Interested in a fire hose reel and fire nozzle upgrade? We have multiple options you might be interested in. For more information, give our sales team a call at 1-863-261-8388 or request a quote through our webform below.

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Fire Hose Reel Features

Fire Hose Reel Nozzle Hand CrankDepending on the type of hose reel you choose, you can enjoy up to 325' of hose. Be sure to speak with our sales team to determine if the product you're shopping for, whether water trailer or sprayer, can accommodate that length of hose. The express water wagon can be fitted with the fire hose reel at the factory or as an aftermarket option. The fire hose reel option is a for a 1" hose and fire nozzle. Different features of the fire hose reel include the reel itself, the reel mounting plate, bent pull pin, swivel frame, hose hanger, and more. All of our fire hose reels are made from heavy duty steel construction, which is best for the more rugged applications.

Optional plumbing for the fire hose reel includes an option to connect to the discharge manifold. To use the Fire Hose Reel, first remove the bent pull pins to swivel the hose reel in your desired location. Next rotate the reel lock pin to the unlock position. Unroll the hose next so it reaches your desired length. Our hose reels come in manual hand crank models.

Use Your Fire Hose Reel with Water Trailers

Compact Fire Hose ReelThe fire hose reel can be factory installed on the frame of virtually any of our water trailers and most of our skid sprayers. You can use the fire hose and reel on the express water trailers that we carry. The 550, 800, and 1025 express water trailers are hose reel compatible.

We also carry a more compact version of the hose reel, the Hosetract hose reel. This mini hose reel is great for tight spaces, where your application doesn't allow for much room. The maximum amount of hose on these reels is 150' of 3/8". These hose reels, although small and compact, are made from a steel construction with heavy duty bearings and a fully adjustable brake.

Fire Hose Reel Specs

Hosetract Reel (M5-5-14) 75' x 3/8"; 50' x 1/2 hose, 3000 psi
Hosetract Reel (M10-5-14) 150' x 3/8"; 100' x 1/2 hose, 3000 psi
Reelcraft (hand crank) (CA37118L) 175' x 3/4" hose, 1000 PSI

Fire Hose Reel Applications

Fire Hose Reel for Skid Fire FightingWherever you use your portable water trailer or sprayer, you can use your hose reel and fire hose. That is, whether you're spraying down equipment, watering livestock, putting out fires, or performing routine landscaping irrigation, you can be confident in your hose reel and fire hose. Because we offer such a variety if hose reels, you can tailor your water trailer to fir your exact needs, and we are so ready to help you with that.

And if you're interested in just purchasing a hose reel for an existing water trailer, we've got you covered. We'll take all your specifications and make sure you get the best hose reel for your trailer. Need more information on all our hose reels and fire hoses?
Give us a call at +1-863-261-8388 or request a quote.

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