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Flexible Water Tank to Supply Showers

FAQ: Do you ship flexible tanks internationally?

Question: I am looking for a flexible water tank for shower use outdoors on a public beach. I am not allowed to build a permanent structure. Have you sold any units to Africa before? I would need it to hold 2,000 liters (528 gallons). Can you ship this tank to Africa?

Answer: Thank you for contacting Portable Tanks, a division of Water Storage Tanks! We can certainly provide you with a Flexible Water Tank for Shower in that size that can be used to supply showers. The closest standard size we offer would probably be our 500 gallon model that provides a filled size of around 84" x 108" x 16".

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Flexible Tanks and Outdoor Storage

These flexible water tanks are designed to provide fairly temporary storage, however, if you are looking for something longer term, we can build the tank with a heavier fabric and a rated contact time of up to 7 years for extended water storage. Depending on your requirements, these tanks can be additionally built with an interior FDA and NSF 61 approved material for safe drinking water storage.

grey water flexible tanksIn general, these tanks are able to handle several different temperatures and outdoor locations include the following:

  • UV Resistance for Outdoor Exposure
  • Temperatures for -58° to 180° F

Since you are planning to use this on a beach, you may also consider the use of a ground liner to help level out the area and provide a firm location for placement of your tank. This can help to create a secure placement area that allows your tank to sit on the ground and supply water to your shower system.

Shipping Flexible Storage Tanks

In terms of shipping, flexible tanks are one of the best options. When empty, these tanks are designed to lie flat. This will allow them to be folded up and rolled up for easy transportation both to your location and around your location. While all of our sales do go through our office in Florida, we do ship from several facilities across the US. Shipping can be either within the US or globally, including locations such as Africa.

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