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Tanks for Water Storage on a Boat

FAQ: What tank should I use to store water for showering on my boat?

Customer is looking for water storage tanks on a boat. See how these and other collapsible tanks can be used for these purposes.


Hi, I am looking for a flexible tank for my boat. I would like to store water for showers and the size must be 120 cm x 390 cm x 350 cm. Capacity should be roughly 100 liters. I can't find the size I need in Malta and found out about your company, so I would really appreciate the sales guys sending me a quote. The size can vary, but very slightly.


small flexible pillow tank for water storageHi there! Thanks so much for contacting us. We are, in fact, the collapsible, flexible, liquid storage people and we can definitely help you with your water storage needs. Our tanks are suitable for food grade goods, non-hazardous pharmaceutical, chemical and industrial products. This simple solution allows materials to be cost effectively and efficiently shipped globally reducing the landed materials cost.

We recommend using one of our Collapsible Pillow Tanks. These units are small, easy to manage, and may be able to work for your storage application.

Our friendly staff is here to help you get the exact tank you need!

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Additional Water Storage Tanks

While our flexible tanks can sometimes be used in transportation applications, they are typically designed for transport that requires moving shipping goods, such as olive oil, non-hazardous liquids, and more.

plastic transportation tanks

Since you need a water tank for a boat, another option you might consider is one of our Plastic Water Tanks. These tanks are rigid, economical and can be used for transportation application. Tanks like the Plastic Transport Tanks can be a great option due to their smaller sizes and built-in transportation design.