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Drinking Water Tanks

FAQ: What is the diameter of a 1,000 liter water tank?

Looking for a 1,000 liter water tank to store drinking water and various other tanks? Check out these units shown below including plastic tanks for drinking water storage.

Question: What is the diameter / radius of the bottom of a water tank for 1,000 liters and 1,500 liters? Please also indicate the price.

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! For drinking water storage in the capacity you have specified, we offer several different 1000 liter water tank styles including plastic tanks, fiberglass tanks, and even collapsible flexible tanks. For more detailed information regarding your tank request, please specify the style of tank you are looking for so we can best meet your needs.

vertical water tanksSince you have mentioned that you are looking for a specific diameter of the tank, we do offer round Plastic Water Tanks that come in a cylindrical, closed top design. This style is perfect for stabilized storage of water in both indoor and outdoor
storage locations.


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For 1,000 liters of storage, the closet plastic tank we offer is approximately 300 gallons, which would give you slightly more storage space than you have requested. This tank has a diameter of 46" and is available with either a black or dark green exterior.

The second capacity you requested is a 1,500 liter tank. To meet this requirement, the closest model we have is a 500 gallon tank which would, again, offer more storage capacity than requested. This tank has a 48" diameter and is also available with either a black or dark green exterior.

Both of these polyethylene tanks are designed exclusively for storing water and are manufactured with dark exteriors to help provide increased protection for water stored inside the tank. The darker colors of black and dark green work to block out light to prevent the growth of algae inside the tank.

For pricing on any of these plastic tanks, please visit our Water Tanks Overview Page. There you should find a link to our plastic tanks webstore which offers a large selection of tanks at affordable prices.

Additional 1,000 liter Water Tank Options

In addition to these plastic tanks, we also offer several additional options that can help with the storage of 1,000 liters
of drinking water. Additional tank options include the following:

  • water storage bladdersCollapsible Tanks: Flexible storage units that can be folded or rolled for swift transportation to a new location.
  • Steel Tanks: Rigid, reliable steel tanks for storage of all water types. Underground, aboveground, double, and single wall available.
  • Fiberglass Tanks: Reliable storage for drinking water. Inert so will not cause additional harm to your water.

Our friendly staff is here to help you get the exact tank you need!

or Contact us for additional information.