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Underground Steel Tanks

Product Solutions that work.

underground steel tanksWater Storage Tanks creates and implements water efficient designs to promote sustainable storage solutions to both meet the needs of your project and exceed expectations. We innovate, drive growth and succeed by providing the right solution at the right time.

Category: Pressure Vessels & Water Storage

thermal expansion tank filter vessel boiler blowdown tank hot water tank  
Flash Tank air receiver tank chlorine contact tanks hydropneumatic tank fire protection tank

Thermal Expansion TankFilter VesselBoiler Blowdown TankHot Water TankFlash TankAir Receiver TankChlorine Contact TankHydropneumatic Tank


Water Tanks:

Fire Protection TankPotable Water TankRainwater Collection TankWastewater Storage TankModular Rainwater System

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Category: Petroleum & Chemical Storage:

hopper tanks double wall steel tank single wall vertical tank
above ground tank horizontal steel tank  

Hopper TanksUnderground TanksAbove Ground TanksMobile TanksLube TanksPropane Tanks


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The Strength of Steel

Water Storage Tanks provides steel tanks according to ASTM specifications. All the steel is low carbon and fine grain. The surface quality offers both weldability and improved corrosion resistance. The steel's structure can withstand extreme weather conditions or natural disasters.

Building "Green"

Water Storage Tank is committed to providing environmentally friendly steel tank products. Buying "green" is an opportunity to use resources efficiently, build a better environment, and save money. As these tanks are 100% recyclable, they can form an integral part of your "green building.”

The Advantage of Steel

All tanks can be made from 304, 304L, 316, or 316L stainless steel for compatibility with water, chemicals, and corrosive materials. The surface of the stainless steel provides a clean, modern look and has the advantage of the ease of cleaning, durability, a longer life expectancy, and lower cost.

Composition and Grade

Stainless steel is low in carbon concentration and contains chromium, which forms an invisible, corrosion-resistant chromium oxide film on the surface. The more chromium content the more resistance the steel will have. Additionally, high-alloyed grades have increased heat resistance, and certain grades can also improve strength.

Customize It

Every application is unique and Water Storage Tanks will be with you every step of the way to make sure your stainless-steel tank meets your specific needs.

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