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Flexible Tanks for Liquid Fertilizer

FAQ: What tank can store UAN 32 liquid fertilizer safely?

Question on flexible tanks for UAN 32 Liquid Fertilizer: I am considering storing liquid fertilizer in barge or ship holds to distribute to farmers. I have the problem that there are not enough affordable bulk container ships, so we want to utilize existing dry goods barges and then place bladder tanks in the holds to facilitate this. Will your line of bladder tanks be suitable? flexible tank

Answer: Thank you for your post and question about our range of tanks. Storing UAN in one of our Flexible Storage Tanks in a static/stationary situation is pretty standard, as long as you have secondary containment setup to avoid any contamination while dispensing or filling.

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Flexible Tank Requirements

In addition to a stationary storage requirement, some additional information we would also need to know in order to supply you with the best option for your location would be an MSDS (material safety data sheet). This sheet will allow us to note all the components of your storage materials which, in turn, helps us to match the best fabric for your liquid.

Flexible Tanks and Moving Applications

In general, flexible tanks would not be a good choice for applications involving transportation or movement. All of our flexible storage tanks are rated specifically for stationary storage and are not recommended for moving applications.

Secondary Containment

secondary containment linerDue to the flexible nature of these storage vessels, it is typically recommended that a Secondary Containment Berm or Liner be used underneath your tank to support and contain small materials that may leak or flow from your tank.

Questions? We can help! Call us: +1-863-270-8118 or contact us to discuss your project.