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Steel Diesel Fuel Storage Tank

FAQ: Are steel diesel fuel storage tanks available in 1,300 gallon sizes?

Question: Hello, I am interested in a steel diesel fuel storage tank that can store 5,000 liters (aprox. 1300 gallons). Do you sell these?

double wall steel tanksAnswer: Thanks you for your inquiry! I would be happy to help. Our Steel Diesel Tank Models would be ideal for your application. We have tanks that can be installed both above ground and below ground.

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A diesel fuel storage tank from stands out among the competition with its superior craftsmanship, construction, and custom design. Standard features include:

  • Horizontal Capacity: up to 60,000 gallons
  • Vertical Capacity: up to 49,500 gallons
  • Steel Thickness: 10 gauge - 1 1/4 inch
  • Exterior Full Fillet Lap Joints
  • Flat Flanged Heads
  • Seam Inspection and 5 psi Factory Air Test
  • Manways
  • Connections for Venting, Filling, Gauging, etc.
  • Lifting Lugs
  • Gray Alkyd Shop Primer

Steel Storage Tank Options

Steel storage tanks are one of our most frequently used materials and have been constructed in several different options to help store materials in your location. Some information we would need to know in order to provide you with the best storage options for your location will include the following:

  • Is this for above ground or underground storage?
  • Do you need the tank to feature single or double walls?
  • Are you looking for a horizontal or vertical tank?

Small Diesel Fuel Storage Tanks

small diesel fuel storage tanksFor such a small amount of fuel, I would recommend the BDH Drum. It's ideal for spaces with limited height. It is fabricated to UL-142 and stores more product in less space, which allows for bulk purchase savings. Another steel diesel tank option you could consider is one of our Hopper Tanks. They provide low profile storage and secondary containment of motor fuels, biofuels, new/used oils, waste solvents and antifreeze with secondary containment. They are manufactured to UL-142 and UL-2085 (for Fire Hopper). The unique extended dome top prevents accumulation of rain, snow and debris. Storing anywhere from 120 - 3,000 gallons, the Hopper comes in four (4) models. LEARN MORE

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