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Spill Containment Berm

Berms for Secondary Containment

spill containment bermThis spill containment berm variety is designed to provide you with reliable secondary spill containment when storing anything from frac water tanks to spill containment drums. Available in large sizes for significantly sized vehicles, or small liners for 55 gallons drums, these berms provide a reliable containment area for almost any spilled liquid.

Please feel free to browse through our variety of Secondary Containment Products and berms listed below for further information regarding each of these berms and how they can be used for your storage requirements.

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Aluminum Angle Spill Berms

spill containment bermsThe Aluminum Angle Spill Berm is an industry favorite for secondary containment under frac tanks, large tanks, vehicles and items with large quantities of liquids. Built to increase your storage potential, these berms feature a wall height of around one foot (1'), with higher options available on request.

Berm Features:

  • Standard material of construction is Copolymer-2000. Other materials available upon request.
  • Aluminum Angle Brackets
  • Folding Interior Liners
  • Storage Bags, Drain Fittings & More Available

Construction of these berms has offered many different benefits including a rigid exterior, reliable containment area, portable exterior, and fast setup times.

Foam Wall Spill Berms

containment bermsOften built with a lower height, Foam Wall Containment Berms are another common choice for secondary spill containment. These berms are equipped with a wall height of either 4", 6" or 8" to allow for vehicles to pass easily over the wall of the berm. This can be perfect for large moving equipment such as frac tanks, tankers, fuel trucks, machinery and more.

Berm Features:

  • Available in Copolymer-2000 or PVC (24 mil) - withstands the rigors of industrial and construction applications.
  • 2" or 4" Foam Walls
  • Rolling or Folding Exteriors

Built with portable exteriors, these foam wall berms are easy to move and can be quickly setup under your equipment for spill containment and control.

For more information regarding these or any of our berms, please feel free to check out our Spill Containment Berms & Products.

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