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Small Potable Water Containers Made in the USA

FAQ: Do you offer potable pillow tanks that are smaller than 100 gallons?

Question: I am interested in 20 small potable water containers. I would like them in the pillow style. This is for disaster relief preparedness and the container size would be best with a capacity no more than 100 gallons. Do you offer any tanks that are smaller than 100 gallons in size?

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Answer: Yes, our pillow tanks are available in sizes ranging anywhere from 25 to 210,000 gallons to meet both large and small storage requirements.

Standard tank sizes that we offer for our pillow tanks under 100 gallons includes:small water bags

  • 25 gallons: 24" x 36" x 8"
  • 50 gallons: 36" x 52" x 9"
  • 75 gallons: 42" x 54" x 9"

These small water tanks are offered in both a drinking water and grey water style. Drinking water pillow tanks will feature an interior liner that has been FDA and NSF 61 approved for safe drinking water storage.

Pillow Tanks and Emergency Relief Operations

As you have mentioned, Flexible Small Potable Water Containers are often used for emergency relief operations to help store and bring water to needed locations. Advantages to these flexible tanks that have helped them to be used in these efforts include:

  • pillow tanks for emergency water storageEconomical Tank Pricing
  • Low Cost Shipping
  • Folding for Transport to and from Locations
  • Multiple Fitting Options Available including Ball Valves and Spigots
  • Models Available for Drinking Water Storage
  • Equipped for Both Cold and Hot Climates

All tanks are built with top grade materials that include a UV resistance to help with storage in outdoor locations.

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