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Plastic Screen Dip Tanks

FAQ: Do you have Screen Dip Tanks?

screen dip tankQuestion: I am looking for a screen dip tank with a lid. I don't need a specific capacity, but I need at least 14 gallons. I want it to be made of plastic. I need it for cleaning screen printing frames. My largest frame that must fit in the tank is 20 x 24. What do you have?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! There are several plastic tanks you could use for cleaning your screen printing frames. While we do feature a large variety of rectangular plastic tanks that would work perfectly for your application.

Choosing which tank can work best for you depends on what chemicals you will be using to clean your printing frames. Series A of our rectangular tanks is made using the polyethylene material and can support operating temperatures up to 140 degrees. Series B is made with a stronger polypropylene material and can support operating temperatures up to 212.

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These rectangular screen tanks do come with an open top that can make cleaning of your materials swift and easy. They are also available with lids to help cover materials when they are not in use.

As to the sizing specifications, the closest in length would be our twenty-five (25) gallon rectangular tank (R240830A). This tank is made from polyethylene and has a height of thirty inches and width of twenty-four inches. This can give you a little extra room on each side so screen frames can be easily cleaned.

Another great advantage of these tanks is that they are made using a single piece of material. This means that the tank contains no seams and therefore has no room for leaking or cracking along seam lines. This can help protect your work area and prevent potential leaks or spills.

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