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Grey Water Storage Tank

Q&A: Bag for Placement Under a Porch Deck

Question: I am thinking of a water bag (not a tank) because I would like to put it under the deck at my cabin. How resistant to weather are they? In the winter it gets very cold here, but no one will using the cabin at that time.

flexible tanks can be built to size, and fit in tight placesThe cabin will have anywhere from 4 to 10 people staying in it at one time. The price for the water bag will be a consideration as well. I am thinking of placing the water storage bag under a deck which will have 4 foot clearance, enclosed on 3 sides. I am able to make any necessary changes to how it is enclosed.

It just occurred to me that a bag for fresh drinking water would be good as well if there is a bag for such an application. If I decide to make a purchase I will provide you with that info at that time. I have the room for something fairly large I would think. Is bigger better? Obviously more storage. Are there any negative concerns?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! When using one of our flexible water tanks, you will want to make sure that you have enough storage space to support the size of the tank. While having a larger capacity can be more valuable in terms storage capacity, you will always want to make sure that there is enough space for the entire tank so that no additional strain or pressure is placed on the system.

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Flexible Tank Advantages

In terms of flexible tank fabric options, we do offer several materials that can be used to handle multiple climates and conditions. Fabrics are available in options equipped to handle temperatures from -58° to 180°. Please let us know how cold the Water Storage Tank may be operating in so that we can make sure that the fabric used is equipped for your storage.

Additional advantages include:

  • Multiple Fittings to Match Pipes or Hoses
  • Low Profile to Fit Under your Deck
  • Inner Liners for Drinking Water, Grey Water and More

For more information on these tanks, please see: Water Bag for Grey Water.