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Decontamination Frame Tanks

Q&A: What open-top tanks are portable?

We are looking for a frame tank that will erect as we fill it up. The tank only needs to be 50 gallons. This is for cooling and decontaminating police dogs. We need to be able to wash dogs down, and the tank has to be portable.

Thank you for contacting us! For decontamination operations, there are a couple of different tank options you could consider depending on your requirements. We do offer stand-alone frame tanks as well as onion tanks that will rise on their own as they fill with water. See videos below to learn more about these portable tank options, made by Water Storage Tanks.

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frame decon tankFrame Decontamination Tank

Since you have specifically mentioned the frame tank option, the first choice you might consider is our Frame Storage Tank. These small frame tanks are portable, flexible and can easily fit your containment requirements. The smallest standard size tank we offer is a low profile tank that sits approximately 3' L x 3' W x 1' H. This can provide you with the capacity you require, as well as a small footprint.

Frame Tank Features Include:

  • Flexible Interior Liner
  • Folding Frame Exterior
  • Portable
  • Multiple Compatibility Options
  • Quick Setup on your Site

Frame Tanks are available in sizes from 500 to 5,000 gallons.



This will allow you to successfully use these units for decontamination of police dogs. While the tanks will not rise on their own, they will be foldable for compact storage and quick setup in times of need.

Self Supporting Onion Tanks

onion tanks are self risingIf you do need something that is self-rising, another option you could consider is one of our Onion Decon Pools. These tanks are designed with a self-rising outer exterior that allows the tanks sides to rise on their own as the tanks fills with water.

Sizes for these decon pools start at 250 gallons to meet your decontamination requirements. As long as you are able to sufficiently fit your dogs in this space, these tanks could be the perfect option for your location.

For more information on all of our decontamination options, please check out our Portable Tank for Decontamination Variety.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-863-261-8388 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your project.