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Portable & Mobile Water Storage Tanks

Q&A: Do you carry portable grey water tanks on wheels?

portable wastewater storage tankQuestion regarding a portable mobile tank on wheels: I am a food vendor and looking for a 30 gallon portable tank on wheels that I can wheel over to dispose. My grey water tank is busted and I am looking for a replacement.

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! We do offer portable water tanks that can be used for the storage of grey water. If you are specifically looking for something that will include wheels, the best option would be our Grey Water Caddy. This caddy is built with a 28 gallon capacity and includes a hose of intake and slide valve for evacuation.

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Waste Water Caddy Information

Designed in a similar style to our other mobile caddy options, these portable tanks are made from a poly material that equips them for use in outdoor locations. Waste water caddies will typically include the following options:

  • 10 ft. Intake Hose
  • Hand Pump
  • Shut off Valve
  • Reliable Tires
  • Molded-in Baffle

All the caddies will additional feature handles for easy mobility. Their easy-to-use style and quick mobility has often made them a favorite for mobile waste water applications around camp sites, RV areas, and more. This can work to make your discharge application quick and easy.

Additional Tank Options

In addition to the caddy shown here, we also offer several different plastic tanks that can be used in mobility applications. These tanks will not include wheels, but will typically feature a low-profile and self-supporting design that allows them to placed on the back of trucks and other vehicles for transport applications. These will most commonly feature a plastic exterior for high strength and transport application.

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