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Plastic Rainwater Storage Tanks

Q&A: Do you have plastic tanks for rainwater collection?

Question: I am interested in a plastic water storage tank that can be used during an emergency water outage. I am mostly interested in it being able to function as a rain water collection tank. Do you have something like this?

Answer: below ground water storage tankHello! Thank you for contacting us! A plastic tank can be a great choice for emergency water storage. Typically these plastic tanks are made using a durable polyethylene material that keep your tanks in compliance for potable water storage. The product that best matches your requirements would be our Below Ground Water Storage Tank. This plastic storage tank is made from the durable polyethylene material that makes water storage safe, while still being able to be placed underground.

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Advantages of Plastic Rainwater Storage Tanks:

  • Self Locking Covers: This tank contains self locking covers that are designed to keep your tank closed at all times. This helps to prevent outside soils from entering your water supply.
  • Ribbed Design: The ribbed exterior on this tank is the same quality construction typically found in septic tanks. This gives the tank a strong outer shell that can handle storage underground.
  • Light in Weight: The poly material is extremely light in weight making your tank easy to transport. This can be especially important if you wish to store you tank under the ground. As opposed to heavier materials, a light weight tank can be much easier to install.
  • FDA Approved Resin: The underground plastic tank is built with an FDA approved resin that makes it safe for drinking water and/or rain water storage.
  • Linear Polyethylene Construction: Because this tank is made from linear polyethylene material, it holds a high level of flexibility. This allows it mold easier to fittings, such as those that could connect to drains or downspout around your home.

Above Ground Plastic Rainwater Storage Tanks:poly water tank

While the below ground plastic tank is a great choice for standard underground rainwater collection, you might also consider using an above ground rainwater collection tank method. A Vertical Poly Water Tank (shown to the right) can offer you all the same great advantage of the first tank, but is designed for above ground storage. It additionally features:

  • Green Exterior: Dark exteriors are frequently used on above ground water tanks because they help reduce the risk of algae growing inside your tank.
  • UV Stabilized: This helps protect your tank during outdoor storage. UV stabilization is designed to help the tank hold up to constant outdoor exposure.

We offer a wide variety of custom plastic tanks that can be customized to your specifications. You can choose from different colors, designs, and sizes to make your tank unique and perfect for you! Please feel free to visit our website here to learn more about our products and services.

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