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Empty and Refill Portable Tanks, Again & Again

FAQ: How do you empty a portable pillow tank? Made in the USA

Question: How is a pillow tank emptied out? Are the tanks pumped out or can they be lifted and moved to a disposal site? I am looking at your pillow water tanks. They appear to contain 25-50 gal each. I plan to store grey water from dirty dishes at large catering events. Please send me a price list and delivery details for Toronto, Ontario. We would need pillow tanks by mid June to hold at least 250 gal, based on 25 gal per pillow, to be moved by p/u truck.

Answer: There are a couple of different methods that can be used to empty out a pillow tank regardless of the liquid you are looking to store. Options for this process include:

  • flexible fuel tanksGravity: This allows water to naturally flow out of the tank due to the pull of gravity.
  • Fittings: If needed, we can also offer site-specific fittings that can be added to the tank for connection to hoses. These hoses can then be attached to pumps to pump water out of your storage tank.

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Storage Tank Capacities

While bladder tanks can be built in the 25 gallon capacity that you have specified, we do also offer several larger tanks that can be built in capacities up to 210,000 gallons. This includes a 250 gallon tank that can store your entire water capacity in a single storage tank. In order to provide you with the most accurate quote with shipping, we would need to know some of the following information:

  • Shipping Location
  • Amount Needing to be Stored
  • Fittings Required
  • If an FDA Approval is Required for Drinking Water

If you are planning on filling and emptying these tanks on a regular basis, please let us know! This will allow us to quote you on a tank fabric that can meet your storage requirements.