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Frac Water Storage Tanks

Corrugated Steel Water Storage Tanks

frac tankCorrugated frac tanks for sale at budget-friendly prices. These tanks provide one of the largest available options for storing processed water, frac water, brine, and other hydraulic fluids. Constructed in bulk capacities upwards of a half a million gallons (+600,000 gallons), these tanks can reduce overall storage requirements and keep your liquids fully contained in a single storage tank.

By choosing one of our 12 corrugated models instead of a standard frac tank, you can increase the overall storage capacity of your site and limit the amount of required tanks needed on site. Corrugated steel tanks are a great way to save time and money throughout the fracking process.

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Advantages of Corrugated Frac Tanks

  • Large Storage Capacities
  • Fewer Number of Tanks on Site
  • Can be Moved from Site to Site
  • Equipped for Demanding Locations
  • Smaller Diameters for Footprint Restricted Spaces
  • Sizes up to 6 million gallons

Corrugated Tank Design

open top corrugated tankCorrugated tanks feature several galvanized G115 panels made from hot dip galvanized steel, bolted together on site to form a complete storage unit. We have a tank calculator to help you determine the capacity and dimensions of the tank you will need. Inside the tank is a robust liner that runs the entire area of the storage tank. Liners are chosen based on the type of liquid you are storing in the tank and which one will effectively work to contain the liquids inside. We also offer liner clamps, textiles, and liner options to fit your budget and application.

Once tank is fabricated, panels are shipped to your site separately, and assembled on location. While many corrugated tanks are made in larger diameters, smaller options are also available for sites with footprint restrictions. We offer a variety of roofing as well, including geodesic dome roofs, aluminum flat covers, and aluminum floating covers that will be assembled at the time of installation.

Corrugated Tanks PDFs

Corrugated bolted steel tanks are perfect for fracking storage. Find out more about our tanks, available appurtenance options, and engineering package.

Corrugated Tank Installation

Installation for these tanks involves a process of combining panels one row at a time. Bolted together with vertical stiffeners and horizontal wind rings, frac tanks maintain the shape when not in use. Due to the weight and complexity of the tank, these units are often installed with a trained crew that comes directly to your site. Crews are able to come out to your site to install the first tank and train staff on the processes and procedures. We offer engineering packages, as well as line drawings to help you with your tank design and installation. Ask our team for more information on installation options.

For maintenance information, see the Corrugated Tank Maintenance page.

Process Water Tank Heaters

Keep process water from freezing with heater tank blankets. Easy to install and reliable, they heat evenly and keep the liquid in your tank from freezing. Ask us about options!.

The Flexible Frac Tanks

flexible frac tanksIn addition to the corrugated model, we also offer flexible tanks for hydraulic fracturing. Large in size and storage capacity, these tanks are equipped to successfully hold up to 210,000 gallons of frac fluids. This is well beyond the standard frac tank size of 500 BBL, providing you site with increased storage potential in a single unit.

Learn more about the Flexible Frac Tank.

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