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Fire Fighting Frame Tank

Folding Frame Tank

folding frame tankThe fire fighting frame tank is a fire fighter favorite for use in wildfires, rural firefighting or emergency relief efforts. Made with a quick erect folding design, these frame tanks have been proudly used to supply fire suppression water around the world. It's also commonly used for Aquaponics. Options include a single fold and double fold frame tank designs.

We offer a variety of folding frame tanks for first responders in need of reliable water storage in rural areas. These Single Lane Tanks offer maximum flow rates for water while keeping space for traffic to continue on rural roads. We carry Single Lane Tanks Type I and Type II and Single Lane Tank Max. Folding frame tanks have numerous benefits and uses across different applications.

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Fire Fighting Frame Tank Benefits

  • Quick Setup with Large Available Storage
  • Folding Design for Compact Transportation
  • Robust Interior Liners
  • Open Top for Easy Fill
  • Easy Close and Open Design
  • Drain Options Available

Single Lane Tank Type I

Volume US gal Open Dimensions ft (L x W x H) Closed Dimensions ft (L x W x H)
2000 14'x8'x29" 14'x8"x29"
2500 16'x9'x29" 16'x8″x29"
3000 16'x10'x29" 16'x8″x29"

Single Lane Tank Type II

Volume US gal Open Dimensions ft (L x W x H) Closed Dimensions ft (L x W x H)
2000 19'x7'9"x29" 11'x8"x29"
2500 22'x8'x29" 14'x8″x29"
3000 23'x9'x29" 14'x8″x29"

Single Lane Tank Max

Volume US gal Open Dimensions w/o bladder ft (L x W x H) Open Dimensions ft (L x W x H) Closed Dimensions ft (L x W x H)
1000/2500 8'3"x8'3"x29" 8'3"x22'3"x29" 8'3"x10"x29"
1500/3500 10'3"x10'3"x29" 10'3"x24'8"x29" 10'3"x10"x29"
2100/5000 11'3"x11'3"x29" 11'3"x26'3"x29" 11'3"x10"x29"

For additional information see: Folding Frame Tank Product Flyer (PDF).

Folding Frame Tank Features and Details

One of the main advantages to using these folding frame tanks is the ability to be quickly setup during times of need. This can be especially critical during fire fighting efforts when time is of the essence. Below you will see some pictures involving the quick unfolding and setup of the frame tanks.

Our folding frame tanks come with a rigid outer frame and a flexible inner liner with different fabric to choose from. The outer frame is made from aluminum or steel. The inner liner comes in 22 oz. High Performance Rubber (HPR), 22 oz. Vinyl (red, yellow, orange, black, or blue), or 28 oz. Vinyl (red, yellow, orange, black, or blue). You can also order 22 oz. sides with 28 oz. floor. The complete SLT (Single Lane Tank) system includes:

  • 2-8'x14'x29″ tanks (Other rectangular sizes available soon)
  • Mounting plate with 1 – female swivel and flange for the outside and 1-male flange for the inside of the tank. Size 4″ – 6″ (The plate helps to stabilize your flange.)
  • Standard 6″ al mag casting 90° elbow or optional 6″ tubing 90° elbow. (Call for pricing)
  • Flex-Lite Hose 4″ – 6″
  • Low Flow Strainer 4″ – 6"
  • Through the wall drafting accessories also sold separately to retro fix your existing tank.

The Single Lane Tank Max is the only portable tank available that gives you the maximum capacity of a folding frame tank with an extra storage bladder. See the specifications for dimensions and volume. However, custom configurations are a possibility.

Technical Specifications

Liner: The frame tank typically features a heavy-duty vinyl liner or High Performance Rubber (HPR).

Capacities: The capacities for these frame tanks range anywhere from 500 to 5,000 gallons. This is perfect for both large and small water storage or deployment applications. Larger capacities are also available upon request.

Fittings: Fittings for these frame tanks include aluminum, polypropylene, camlock and storz.

Frames: These folding frame tanks can be made with either aluminum or steel. Aluminum can offer a lighter weight structure that is slightly easier to transport from one location to the next, while steel can provide a solid foundation and structure for support.

We carry a variety of accessories for our folding frame tanks:

  • 2-8'X14'X29" Tanks
  • Mounting Plate with flange
  • Flex-lite hose
  • 6" tubing 90° elbow (optional)
  • Low flow strainer
  • Power jet siphon
  • 6" Al mag casting 990° elbow (standard)

Folding Frame Tank Applications

Folding frame tanks can be used in a variety of applications. Using them for emergency water supply in rural locations is just one application of many. Other uses include fish farming, aquaculture, firefighting, potable water supply, and others.

  • Portable Stock Water Tanks
  • Aquaculture Fish Tanks
  • Fire Hydrant Tank
  • Emergency Water Storage Tanks
Frame Tank Folded Up
frame tank setup
Frame Tank Unfolding
frame tank setup

Folding Frame Tank
folding frame tanks
Frame Tank Ready for Water
folding frame tank

Portable folding frame tanks easily connect to each other with common fittings and have quick release water spouts to enable the folding frame tanks to be drained quickly. The Folding Frame Tank can also be used for a range of non fire-fighting applications, including use in fish farming, emergency water storage, aquaponics and more.

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