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FAQ: Do you have Fish Water Storage Containers?

vertical bulk storage tankQuestion: Hi. I am looking for fish water storage containers to hold my fish water while I am cleaning out my tank. I would need two 55 gallon tanks that could safely store non potable fish water. What tanks do you have available? I would prefer if they could be stored both inside and outside.

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! We have a few different tanks that would be able to work for the storage of non-potable fish water. The first would be our Vertical Bulk Water Plastic Tank. This tank is made from a durable polyethylene material making it strong enough to hold up to the liquids you might be storing inside. It comes with a closed top and a flat bottom so it is both easy and safe to store either indoors or outdoors. This plastic tank is also made from only a single piece of polyethylene, meaning it has no seams. This removes the risk of leaks or cracking along seam lines.

The tank is available in 55 gallon models with the dimensions of twenty (20) inches in diameter and thirty-eight (38) inches in height.

If you would prefer more of an open top design, another great choice is the Self Supporting Onion Tanks. These tanks come with a foam collar and are self rising, allowing them to form their shape as you fill them up with water. They are quick to deploy and incredibly easy to use. Additionally, they will be completely flat when no in use, making them easy to store around your location for future use.

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