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Fiberglass Water Tanks

Reliable Water Storage in Many Fiberglass Tank Styles

above ground fiberglass tankFiberglass Water Tanks are a robust and reliable storage option for potable water, non-potable water, waste water and more. Fiberglass tanks are designed standard in configurations that include above ground tanks, vertical tanks, flat top tanks, horizontal tanks, and underground water storage tanks. Depending on your location and storage requirements, fiberglass water tanks may include additional fittings, designs or coatings to accommodate your specific liquids.

Fiberglass Tank Design: All fiberglass tanks feature a robust outer shell that is naturally resistant to UV exposure, weather elements, and other outdoor elements. Fiberglass water tanks are molded and coated with the appropriate resins in order to accomoate the intended liquid storage. Please contact a specialist for more information.

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Above Ground Fiberglass Tank

Above Ground Fiberglass Water Tanks are the most commonly used storage option and feature a dome-top tank for increased storage capacities within the unit. Featuring a highly UV resistant exterior, these tanks are well equipped to handle storage in an outdoor location.

above ground fiberglass tank

Features of Fiberglass Tanks

  • Fiberglass Construction
  • Dome Top
  • UV Filtration Option Available
  • Gel-Coated
  • Can be Customized to Almost Any Size

Benefits of Fiberglass Tanks

  • Won't Crack or Spilt
  • Can be Stored Outdoors Safely
  • No Plastic Taste
  • Filters Water so its Safe for Drinking
  • Can be Used for a Variety of Water Storage Applications including Grey Water, Rainwater, Drinking Water, and Hot Water

Above Ground Fiberglass Basins

The Basin-Style Fiberglass Tank is another common option for liquid storage and is most commonly used as a sewage lift station. Rather than feature the standard dome top, these models feature a flat top that helps to keep liquids firmly contained within the tank.

fiberglass basin

Features of Fiberglass Basin

  • Fiberglass Construction
  • Flat Top
  • Light Weight
  • Can be Made in Almost Any Size

Benefits of Fiberglass Basins:

  • Keeps your Water Safely Contained
  • No Plastic Taste in Stored Water
  • Can be Designed as a Cistern or Sewage Lifting Basin
  • Won't Corrode or Rust over Time
  • Long-Lasting Durability

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Underground Fiberglass Tanks

When above ground storage is not an option, Fiberglass Underground Tanks can be a great option for below ground storage. Made with a material that is thicker and more durable than plastic, these tanks can provide safe and effective storage below the ground surface. Underground Fiberglass Water Tanks are built standard with a rating that can handle storage of up to 3 ft. under the surface. If increased depths are required, tanks can also be made for storage in extended depths or for areas that will require driving over the top of the tank.

underground fiberglass tanks

Features of Underground Tanks:

  • Fiberglass Construction
  • Light Weight
  • UV Filtration Options Available
  • Can be Buried up to 3 feet (please specify if you need a tank that can be buried more than 3 feet deep)

Benefits of Underground Tanks

  • Won't Crack or Leak
  • Won't Deteriorate Over Time
  • No Plastic Taste Left in Stored Water
  • Easy Installation
  • Stores Water that is Safe to Drink
  • Can be Stored Underground without Worry

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