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Emergency Storage Tank Options

Styles of Water Storage Tanks for Critical Storage

Question: Hi. I am looking for an emergency water storage tank. I looking to store approximately 100 gallons of drinking water, but it can be in multiple containers. I have heard that a popular model is the 55 gallon poly tank, but I'm not set on this product. What are my options?

Answer: Hello! Thank you for contacting us! There are actually several options you could consider for your emergency drinking water storage needs. Depending on how you wish to store this water (for instance indoors or outdoors), and whether or not mobility is a factor, different tanks might work better for your particular situation.

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poly water tankA great option for drinking water storage is our Vertical Poly Water Tank . Unlike our other poly tanks, this tank is designed exclusively for the storage of drinking water. This can ease your mind in terms of storage, as it helps ensure that your water stays clean and is safe for drinking when an emergency occurs.

This vertical water tank is available in a fifty-five (55) gallon model, like the one you mentioned above, as well as a size that can hold 100 gallons exactly. It is additionally comes with a green exterior. This color finish provides a dual benefit of allowing your tank to blend in to outdoor surroundings, while also reducing that amount of algae growth in and around your tank. The water storage tank has also been UV stabilized so it can hold up well in outdoor and sunny conditions. Visit our Poly Tanks page for more emergency water storage options.

Additional Types of Water Storage Tanks

corrugated steel tankIn addition, Corrugated Tanks come in sizes from about 700 gallons and up, and ship in pieces for easy assembly at your location. The advantages to this, is that if your emergency water storage tank area is inside, you don't have to worry about doorway sizes. Also, due to shipping the pieces on a pallet, freight costs are greatly reduced as the overall size of the materials are much smaller than the size of an empty poly tank.

If you require something that is a little more mobile, Transport Tanks are recommended! These emergency water storage tanks are available in both a fifty (50) and one hundred (100) gallon capacity and are stable enough to fit on the back of pickup trucks. This can allow you to move water with you during emergency situations, such as hurricanes or other natural disasters.

hani bagAs an alternative to polyethylene, we also carry Water Bags. This emergency water storage tank contains both a handle and collapsible style making it easy to both transport and store. While the sizes are a little smaller (available in 1 to 20 gallon capacities), they are easy to transport when immediate situations occur.

Hopefully one of these options can help meet your Emergency Water Storage needs. If you have any additional questions or would like to discuss your storage needs, pleasegive us a call! Our team is always available to help you with your water storage needs.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-863-270-8118 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.