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Double-Wall Diesel Fuel Storage Tank

FAQ: What diesel storage tank options and sizes are available?


I'm looking for a 500 gallon double wall diesel tank that can be used at my location. They were looking for steel and wanted to know the best option for storage in their location.


For the storage of diesel fuel, steel tanks are available in both an underground and above ground double wall option. Built from robust steel materials, these tanks are the perfect way to store and contain diesel in your location.

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Underground Steel Tanks

underground steel tanksA common option for diesel fuel storage is one of our Underground Double Wall Diesel Tank. Built from robust materials, these steel diesel tanks include both a primary and secondary tank. This allows diesel to be safely stored in the primary unit, while also creating a secondary unit that can store any leaks or spills. This provides built-in secondary containment that can safely store your materials.

Components of the underground steel tank include the following:

  • Reliable Steel Construction
  • Primary & Secondary Storage Tanks
  • High Compatibility
  • Safe Diesel Storage

Underground tanks can be built to meet several compliance regulations include UL-2085 and UL-1446 requirements. This provides safe containment for your storage location.

The steel tank is fabricated to UL-142, storing more product in less space, which allows for bulk purchase savings. This tank can be designed with a double wall. It also comes in a nice compact size for the amount of fuel you need to store. To learn more about the plastic tanks we have available, give us call! We have shipping points all over the country and we even ship internationally, so location is not a problem.

Additional Steel Storage Tanks

In addition to the underground model shown here, we also offer above ground models that can be made with double walls. These tanks can be used to safely store diesel fuel in your location in various above ground locations.

In order to provide you with the pricing information, please let us know the capacity you will need for the tank as well as whether you need these in an above ground or underground model. View our Steel Storage Tank page for other steel tank options!

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