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Collapsible Tanks for Flowable Fill Cement Storage

FAQ: Can flexible tanks be used to store flowable fill cement?

Customer wondered if there were collapsible tanks to store flowable concrete fill. See flexible storage options and how the collapsible tank can be used for these applications.


I understand that you make custom tanks is that true? Could you tell me what a 2 foot by 2 foot by 40 foot tank would cost? I want to store a product called Flowable Fill, it is a cement reinforced soil. The liquid isn't hazardous.

I have a bridge that the fill under the approach slab has gone away. I need to fill it but I can not use an uncontainable fill material due that it will seep into the drainage stone behind the abutment. I need a "bag" that will contain the fill till it sets up without seeping into the stone behind the abutment.

A flap fitting would work. The fill is like concrete, it comes out of a ready mix truck. Can you give be a ballpark cost? It will take 2 of these bags but I need a cost per bag.

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collapsible tanksThank you for contacting us! The collapsible tank is an extremely versatile product that has been used in numerous storage applications to contain liquids ranging anywhere from drinking water to fuel.

In order to provide you with the best collapsible tanks to store flowable fill, there is a some additional information that could be helpful. View our Pillow Tank page for more sizes and options.

  1. What goal capacity are you looking to store in each tank? We would be happy to quote you on a tank that is 2 x 2 x 40, but it will be helpful to know what the capacity you needed to store as well so we can make sure your tank is equipped for all the storage it requires.

  2. MSDS (material safety data sheet). In order to determine the best tank fabric for your application, it will also be helpful to learn the exact details of the flowable fill that you are trying to store. This can help us make sure that the tank fabric we quote you on is compatible with your material.

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