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Flexible Tanks for Fish Storage

FAQ: Can collapsible tanks be used to raise fish?

A customer was looking for a collapsible tank to rear fish and the capacity that was needed was about 1,000 gallons. The dimensions they needed were 7 to 8 feet for use in their basement. The fish were to be used for human consumption as they were planning to farm Tilapia. See more information regarding using a Frame Tank for Fish.

A great collapsible tank to rear fish is one of our Folding Frame Tanks. These storage tanks are built with an open top that allows fish to be easily inserted into the tank and maintained for use. Frame tanks are built in capacities up to 5000 gallons, including a 1000 gallon model that can fit the storage location you described.

Frame Tanks for Fish

frame tanks for fishFor storage applications that are storing fish or drinking water, frame tanks are made with an inner liner that is FDA and NSF 61 approved. This allows fish and drinking water to be safely stored without the frame tank fabric causing any harm to items in storage. Typical features of these frame tanks include the following:

  • Multiple Storage Capacities up to 5,000 gallons
  • Firm and Supporting Outer Frame
  • Foldable when not in use
  • Inner Liners to Match your Stored Liquid
  • Fittings (such as drains)

Due to their easy setup, these collapsible tanks have often been used for fish farming applications to temporarily store fish during fish tank cleaning, to grow fish or to harvest fish.

Additional Fish Storage Options

onion tanksIn addition to the frame tank, we also offer an Open Top Onion Tank that can be successfully used as a collapsible tank for fish in your location. These onion tanks also feature an open top and reliable design to safely hold large quantities of water and fish.


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