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Collapsible Tanks for Drinking Water Storage

Convenient and Dependable Potable Water Storage with Collapsible Tanks

Collapsible, flexible tanks can be used as a part of a drinking water storage system. Due to the unique design of these tanks, they can be used in cisterns, underneath porches or in crawl spaces, and even installed outdoors. Our tanks can be built to custom dimensions and are available in sizes up to 210,000 gallons. Ideal for supplying water to a business, home, or remote location like a cabin where bulk water storage is required.

Flexible Water Tank

flexible water tanksThe flexible water Pillow Tank is an economical water storage system designed to help store various types of liquids including drinking water. These tanks are built with robust fabrics that allow them to hold up to various outdoor conditions, as well as safely store your potable water.

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Flexible Tank Advantages

When compared to other more rigid tanks, the flexible water tank can offer several advantages in terms of its use and application. Some of the many advantages of these tanks have included the following:

  • Economical Shipping
  • Easy Setup
  • Low Profile for Height Restricted Spaces
  • Can be Folded or Rolled Up
  • Portable when Empty
  • Interior FDA and NSF 61 Approved Fabrics for Drinking Water

These tanks can be an extremely economical storage option and are especially useful in terms of shipping and fast setup.

Flexible Water Tank Applications

Some of the many applications these flexible water tanks have been used in have included projects involving schools, rainwater collection, construction jobs and more. Common storage options include:

  • Emergency Water Storage During Hurricanes and Natural Disasters
  • Water Storage for Relief Efforts
  • Construction Site Drinking Water Storage
  • Facility Water Storage
  • Humanitarian Relief
  • Military Operations
  • Residential Water Storage for Emergencies

To learn more about these flexible drinking water tanks and how they can be used in your location, please check out our Collapsible Flexible Tank for Drinking Water page.

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