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Chlorine Contact Tanks

NSF Compliant Steel Chlorine Contact Tanks

chlorine contact tanks Our chlorine contact tanks hold water until it can be fully disinfected before it is distributed. They can be used in a well water system to help comply with drinking water standards.

Using the existing water distribution system, this design secures full water/chlorine mixing, sufficient contact time between the micro-organisms, and best use of chemicals for a specific amount of time. Lined with non-contaminating polyurethane/epoxy, this Cholrine Contact Tank is approved by NSF to store potable water.

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Product Specifications

  • Volume: 200 - 30,000 gallons
  • Diameter: 3'0" - 10'6"
  • Straight Shell Length: 5'0" - 44'0"
  • Depth of ASME Head in Inches: 6.625 - 21.625
  • Total Overall Length: 6'1" - 47'7"
  • T Dimension at 2/3 Volume: 22" - 79"

The tanks have an inlet on one end, where the water starts to flow through a series of baffles, and exits through the outlet on the opposite end lengthening the water's path.

Sizes are based on site restrictions, available pumping rate, and minimum required chlorine contact time.

Required chlorine contact time is around 30 minutes. (CT = 30 mg-min/L)

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1. Tanks are built in accordance with the latest edition of the ASME Unfired Pressure Vessel Code. All ASME vessels are welded, tested, and inspected per ASME Section VII, Division I-UG 27.

2. Thickness are calculated per ASME Section VII, Division I-UG 27.

3. Fitting details/locations are typical.

4. 11" x 15" elliptical man way is typical for an inspection opening. all lined vessels require a 12" x 16" minimum elliptical manway.

5. Tanks with different/larger volumes, dimensions, and pressure are available upon request.

6. ASME stamped vessels are required in most states. Where applicable, non-code hydropneumatic tanks are available upon request.

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