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Diesel Fuel Storage Steel Tanks

FAQ: Can steel tanks be used for diesel fuel storage?

Customer was looking for a 500 gal diesel fuel steel storage tank that could be used to store diesel fuel. Their main concern was having a tank that would be able to fully contain the materials that were being stored in the tank. See options for this type of fuel storage and other containment requirements.

Steel Fuel Storage Options

For fuel storage in a steel tank, there are several different options you could consider to help with both primary and secondary containment. Some tanks that will offer a built-in containment option include the following:

  • Dike Tanks: The dike tank is steel storage tank system designed to help contain spills from tanks, pipes, and other related machinery or equipment. These tanks are commonly built to meet both UL-142 and NFPA 30 standards for primary and secondary containment.
  • shelter tanksShelter Tanks: The second option that might work for your fuel storage is a steel shelter tank. These tanks are designed specifically for the safe storage of diesel, petroleum, hazardous waste and chemicals. The design of the shelter tank includes a primary steel tank that is placed within a containment dike and then covered with a shelter cover. This provides anywhere from 110 to 150% containment.

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Secondary Containment Berms

spill containment bermsIn addition to offering tanks that feature a built-in secondary containment option, we also offer Containment Berms that can be placed underneath a standard steel tank to contain materials during a spill. For the containment that you have mentioned, the most common option will be an Aluminum Angle Berm that goes around and underneath the entire tank.

Standard steel tanks will include both above ground and underground options with either a single or double wall.

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