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500 gallon Potable Pillow Tank Information

FAQ: Are pillow tanks available with round edges?

Question: I'm interested in a 500 gallon potable water pillow tank, but have some some additional questions:

  1. Does the 500 gallon pillow tank come with rounded edges?
  2. What is the difference between a pillow tank and a bladder tank?
  3. What is the best option for pillow tanks in my location?

Answers: water storage tanks

Question 1: To answer you question regarding the construction of the 500 gallon Potable Water Pillow Tank, the basic design is constructed to look just like a pillow. Around the edges of the tank there will be square corners. As the tank is being filled with water, the tank will rise to form the pillow-like structure shown to the right.

Question 2:bladder tanksIn terms of construction, the main difference between the pillow tank and the bladder tank will be in terms of the corners. While the pillow tank has square corners that will look like a pillow, the bladder tank will have rounded edges (picture shown right).

Apart from the shape, there is not really another difference between these tanks. Tanks will be made from the same fabrics and will have the same functionality, only different shapes.

Question 3: In terms of use, either of these tanks can be great for water storage in your location. The pillow tank is typically more common and is great for low profile spaces. A majority of the tanks that we offer will feature the pillow shape.

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