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30,000 Gallon Water Storage Tank

FAQ: Can I use a 30,000 gal tank in my crawl space for dedicated water storage?

Question: I am looking for a 30,000 gallon water storage tank. In order for me to build my mountain cabin, the fire dept is requiring I install this dedicated water storage. I think I will need a 4" pipe outlet on this. Was thinking collapsible water tank about putting the device under my home in the unused crawl space. Good or bad idea? The area available would be 24 x 40 ft.

Answer: For water storage in crawl spaces or basements, Collapsible Water Tanks could be a good solution. These flexible tanks have a low profile that allows them to fit in tight or height-restricted locations. Additionally, the collapsible tank design is highly flexible and is often custom built to fit specific storage areas or dimensions.

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Collapsible Water Tank Advantages

The Collapsible 30000 Gallon Water Storage Tank can offer several advantages for your storage location because of its low profile design and the type of fabric used to construct it. Other advantages include:

  • Low Profile for Tight Spaces
  • High Strength for Multiple Climate Ranges
  • Flexible Fabric for Added Several Fittings
  • Large Capacity Sizes
  • Ships Folds up Fast Economical Shipping
  • Can be made to accommodate pipes and fittings from 4" to 6"

If you are concerned about the conditions in your storage area, you could always place a ground cloth or liner underneath your collapsible tank to add further protection and give your tank an extra ground lining

Underground Storage Tank Options

fiberglass underground storage tankAnother great option you could consider is something like our Fiberglass Underground Storage Tanks. These tanks are often buried in areas surrounding your home and filled with water or rain to help supply fire suppression systems or sprinklers. Similar to the collapsible units, these tanks are often custom made to fit specific requirements.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-863-261-8388 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.