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2,000 Gallon Collapsible Water Storage Tank

FAQ: How is a 20,000 gallon collapsible tank different than other tanks?

Question: Hi. I am looking for a 2000 gallon water tank that I can use to store drinking water in my location. I would require several of these tanks. I have seen several plastic models, but I saw you offered collapsible tanks. How do these tanks differ from a standard plastic tank?

Answer: A Collapsible Water Tank can be a great option for flexible storage of drinking water, rainwater or even grey water applications. When compared to a standard plastic tank, these tanks offer a much higher level of flexibility and can be stored in different storage locations.

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Collapsible Water Tank Advantages

Advantages you might find when using a collapsible tank, include the following:

  • collapsible water tankFlexible Exteriors
  • Can Be Stored in Low Profile Areas
  • Wide Range of Materials
  • NSF 61 and FDA Approved Materials for Drinking Water
  • Foldable and Capable of Being Rolled Up
  • Fitting Options Available
  • Fast Setup and Deployment Times
  • Equipped to Handle Multiple Temperatures
  • UV Stabilized for Outdoor Storage

Typical Collapsible Water Tank Applications

The collapsible water tank is a highly flexible material that has been adapted to meet several different storage locations, capacity ranges and liquids. They have been a favorite for multi-use storage and smaller applications.

Some of the most common uses for these tanks have ranged from small projects to residential water storage. Please check out the list below for common uses for these products:

  • Emergency Drinking Water Storage
  • Rain Water Storage
  • Process Water for Dust Suppression or Washing on Construction Sites
  • Grey Water Storage for Sprinkler Systems or Utilities
  • Residential Water Supply
  • Backup Well Water Supply

Due to their flexible exteriors, tanks have been stored in crawl spaces, basements, under decks and several other low profile areas.

Bulk flexible water tanksIn order to accommodate different storage requirements, tanks do come with several standard fittings. This will most typically involve the use of a ball valve to connect to hoses or other fitting options.

Additionally, a 2000 gallon water tank can be made from several different fabric options, including thicker fabrics for a demanding location or economical fabrics for residential areas. Learn more about our Drinking Water Collapsible Tanks.

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